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Monday, February 06, 2006 at 11:45 AM

My liver, the Super Bowl and thank you.

Man, what a weekend for drinking this was, I still have alcohol coming out of my pores! It started on Friday when me and some family members took my younger cousin out to celebrate his 21st birthday and just kept going. Saturday was a “Vegas Night” themed party at my cousins’ house, same ones, and that was a nonstop beer and shot filled night and the party ended on Sunday with the Super Bowl. Needless to say I am still sweating out alcohol and my liver is quite pissed off at the abuse it took, but I survived, I am here, and now we can talk about the game a little shall we?

I guess I will start with the best part of every Super Bowl, the commercials, who cares about the game anyway? There are only a few real memorable ones that come to mind, like the poor guy working with all the monkeys and such, which kind of made me chuckle a little bit. I did like the version with the jack asses better because it made me feel right at home with my own work place, I work with a great combination of jack asses and monkeys, we have great balance here at my office! Another one that comes to mind, and it may be my favorite, was the “FedEx” one with the cavemen and such, recalling that one right now is making me laugh all over again. It was just so perfect, him getting fired for something that doesn’t even exist (can we all relate to that?), kicking the shit out of the little dinosaur right before he gets squashed. Hilarious! It reminded me of a cartoon from when I was a kid called “Bambi Meets Godzilla”, something that as a young child made me laugh non stop every time I watched it. I enjoyed the Budweiser streaking sheep, the “” one was great for the old eye candy angle, and the “Magic Beer Fridge” was just your typical stupid guy one that was amusing as well. I know I am missing a couple, but those are the only ones that I can recall at this time, like I said, I still am a little fuzzy.

The game went rather quick, if you ask me, I could hardly believe it was only 9:30 and the third quarter was well under way. Hey man, trust me, I ain’t complaining about going to bed early and sleeping off my alcohol induced weekend state of mind, but I was really surprised about how quick it went. Yes there were questionable calls but I don’t know if I would go as far as to call it a conspiracy theory or anything like that. I will say the Seattle should have had the games first TD, that “offensive interference” was a rather shady call at best. The other call that comes to mind is Roethlesberger’s “QB sneak” and I keep going back and forth on that one and I think it was right to let the TD stand. We all know that it was called a TD and it can not be overturned without “conclusive evidence” and that is why I say letting it stand was the right call, you could not tell whether or not the ball crossed the goal line before the knee went down. From the side angle I say it did but from the other angles it looked shady, plus you could not tell how he was holding the ball. If the ball was in his hand, near the wrist, then yes the tip of the ball made it across; his wrist crossed the line before the knee went down. But if he was holding the ball differently then I am not too sure, but the play stood and the Steelers got six.

The only other thing of note that I would like to discuss is the end of the game and what the hell happened to Mike Holgrem, where did he go? My cousin asked me “Why does Cowler look so pissed, he just won right?” I agree, I have never seen a Super Bowl winning coach looked so pissed, but he looked like he was ready to put pads on and take someone out. I ponder for a minute and then read his lips and he asked the question to the people standing around him, “Where’s Mike?” That is right folks, he was looking for Holgrem to do the traditional post game congrats/hug with the opposing coach but he couldn’t find him, and the cat was standing at midfield, it wasn’t like he was hiding! Unfortunately they cut to commercial and by the time I got back from starting the clean up process at my basement bar (damn straight ya’ll, the sports dude has got a mans room!) they were doing the stage presentation and stuff like that, so I am curious here people, help me out, did Mike ever come up to Bill? Or did he snub him? We all remember Phil Jackson and the infamous “cold fish” handshake he gave Larry Brown after the 2004 Finals, did Mike go one step further and just give a snub? I missed it and I just would like to know.

Well, lastly I would like to link to this little diddy over at “Deadspin”, apparently the old sports dude got a little honorable mention in an article there for his blogging on the Pistons. No, I am not typing this to stroke the old ego; rather I am bringing it to note to say thanks to all of you for making it possible. Without the readers and fellow blogging friends that stop by from time to time this is just a place for me to talk to myself and people already think I am crazy enough as it is, so that would not go over too well if you ask me. So I say thanks for reading and helping me get that honorable mention, it would not have happened if it were not for all of you.

All right, that is enough ass kissing for one day, now I got to get back to work and quite frankly so should all of you! What would your boss say if he knew you were using company time to read my blog? Well, if he was cool he would say “I love that blog”, but most likely he would give you a pink slip or something. Peace – the sobering up sports dude.

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