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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 11:07 AM

Wednesday is FSN link day... I guess?!?!

Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press had a nice story up today on Fox Sports Net, here is the link. You know, I hate to jinx the cat, but I really like his writing style... reminds me of a young Mitch Albom and that is where the jinx comes in. I used to love reading Mitch, I really did, until he became full of himself and totally detached from the people of Detroit. Anyway, back to the story and one Michael Rosenberg here, the piece was nice and is definitely worth the read. In it he talks about how great a sports city Detroit is, how much pride the people take in the city and how it does not deserve the bad rep it gets. I agree with what he said on all counts and, like I said, really enjoy reading this guy.

Here is another pretty interesting article from Fox Sports Net concerning ball hog Kobe and the damn “81” again. However it contains an interesting twist, you see, because it is about Vince Carter talking about how he feels crap like that is sending a poor message to the kids. Look, I may not go that far, but I do agree with Carter and how he says crap like that is destroying team ball. Like I said, call me a “hater” if you must but damn, that performance was nothing but sick (in a bad way!), all about personal glory and just plain ball hogging madness. End of story, I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

Another interesting story, yet again from FSN, was this little diddy here about NY Knicks President Isiah Thomas and the accusations for sexual harassment being brought against him. Look, the sports dude is not here to pass judgment, I am not saying this is true or this is false, all I am saying is “WOW!” Plus, I would like to say, if you are going to accuse Zeke of anything, how about going after him for being a lousy executive? I mean the proof is all there, no eye for free agent talent, signing aging veterans to huge contracts, have a bunch of over priced bloated money on your salary cap and running a storied franchise into the ground. Come on, now that is easy to prosecute.

Lastly I send you, yet again, to another FSN story about one Crazy-Ass Artest and his refusal to go to the Kings. Apparently the deal was all but done, crap Peja didn’t even show up to the Kings game last night, but Sacramento is not good enough for Ronnie and he said he isn’t going there. Look, this guy is an asshole; can we all agree on that now? He screwed up last year (to put it VERY mildly!) by causing the brawl, and yes it was 99.9% his fault. What did the Pacers do? Did they cut him? Banish him? No, they stood behind him and helped him in anyway they could. What does he do this season when he gets back? Pisses and moans like a baby and says he wants a trade. Please, how can anyone not tell me that is simply like stabbing someone in the back? I am surprised Larry Bird, a dirty player in his days, didn’t just take Artest outside and pound him into the ground. The Pacers now have had a black cloud hanging over them this season, again, because of Artest; last year it was the brawl, and this year it is “when are we going to get an extra body here for Ronnie?” Seriously, beside the fact I think Stern should have kicked him out of the league for good, when will the Pacers just say screw it and shut him down for good? I know they need the player but damn, when is enough simply enough? I still think he should be traded to a bigger bottom feeder than the Kings (please see the Raptors, Bobcats, Hawks or Trailblazers for more info) simply because that guy doesn’t deserve any of the treatment he is getting. The Pacers hands are tied, I understand that, they need a body and at least want something in return, but screw the guy like he has screwed you for two years now… send the wet bag of shit to a wet bag of shit team, plain and simple. Damn, why did Stern even let him back?

Well, that is my rant for today; I guess I will talk to you all later – peace! The sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Old Isiah could be in some serious trouble.

I agree 100% on Artest!  


Blogger Ian C. said...

I think the only way us Kobe Haters will be able to get along in society from now on is to be humorous and frame Kobe in scenarios like The Superfans placed Da Bears and Ditka.

Who would win between Kobe and Superman?

Kobe would score 50 with kryptonite shoes, and take Lois Lane with him to a ski resort. Love Kobe!

As far as Artest goes, I don't know why Atlanta didn't deal Al Harrington for him. Maybe the Hawks were afraid of the Tru Warier poisoning their young players?

I'm nervously thinking that Peja might take over the Reggie Miller role and make the Pacers contenders again. But Indiana's really losing out on the defensive side. No way Peja could keep up with Rip in a playoff series.  


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