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Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 3:12 PM

Bless You Boys, the sequel.

So the Pistons are 35-5 and have matched the infamous start that the Tigers had in 1984 and a lot of people seem to be asking the question “which is more impressive, doing that in baseball or basketball?” Personally I really do not have an opinion on that subject, mostly because I was about 7 years old in 1984 and barely remember it. I do remember going one of the World Series games, my dad scored some tickets, and all I remember about it is my parents holding on to me for dear life as we walked to the stadium and constantly saying “don’t look at anyone!” So I guess in that aspect some things have not changed, there are still some dark and scary places downtown, revival or not, but besides that how different are these two things? I say it is like comparing apples to oranges, there are some similarities (they are both a fruit and good for you) but the bottom line is that, no matter how you slice it (no pun intended) they will never truly be the same.

I guess the bottom line is, for the Pistons, if this fast start turns into anything but a Championship it would be a major disappointment. All along the players have said the same things, all the while the machine keeps moving along, that the number of wins doesn’t have to be record breaking as long as it is enough to get all game #7’s (if any are needed) on their home court. Whether that ends up being somewhere in the 60’s or 70’s I truly think these guys could care less and that is the thing that continues to impress me the most with these guys. There truly is some weird drive in them and, even though it is extremely played out if you ask me, they just seem to have some internal switch that they simply can turn on when they need it. Like last night, after they went down by four in OT, I truly thought it was over but the next thing you know – BAM – they are up by four, just like that. A ‘Sheed three, a Rip steal, a Billups jumper and the game went from a loss to a win. I will say this much though, at least the game woke me up enough to finish my homework, can someone tell me how something 50 pages long can be considered a short story? Well, I had to read one last night and the game got the adrenaline flowing just enough to help me finish the damn thing! Thanks Pistons, you help me in more ways than one.

Back to the 35-5 comparisons for a moment, I wish I could give an honest opinion on the matter but I really can’t. The parallels are eerily similar though, as in both teams just came out of the gate and ran, neither team really had any true “star” power that got a lot of respect. Wasn’t it Trammell that should have won MVP in 1984? Isn’t it today that no member of that 1984 team is even close to the Hall of Fame? I mean, if Ryne Sandberg can get in, crap even Ozzie Smith, how can you deny Tram? Even Jack Morris is getting screwed, but I think a lot of that has to do with how he treated the media and maybe now they are getting just a little revenge on the poor dude. Now look at the Pistons, are any of them going to start in the All-Star game? Not even close my friends. Has Billups or Rip even been there when arguably they have been the best Eastern Conference back court for a couple years now? Nope, neither has ever been. In fact, Chauncey was a rare thing in the 2004 Finals – a Finals MVP that had never been in an All-Star game. The Pistons are 35-5; surely they must have had a couple players of the week awards by now right? Nope, only one, Rip got it last week, the first person to do so and the season is what, 12 or 13 weeks old? I know the players don’t care too much, at least not publicly, and they definitely use it to help fuel their fire but damn, when is enough going to be enough? Lastly I am also tired of all this “81” point crap, the Pistons are off to the second best 40 game start in NBA history (three teams had 37-3 starts) and all we keep hearing about is individual ball hogs who are only interested in personal glory and jersey sales. I tell you what, I truly hope the Pistons run away with the Title this June, not just win it but run away with it at an all out sprint, maybe then they will get the respect they are long overdue. I doubt it still, I am sure it will still be the same crap we heard with the Lakers, you know the whole “caught them at the right time” garbage, but hey, it is what it is right?

Well, there you go, that is what I think about the Pistons, the 35-5 and all other things that are truly amazing, a word that doesn’t even begin to touch what the Pistons have done so far. To me, Rasheed said it best at the beginning of the season when asked about being over looked, and the quote is right here on my page, he said "We'll see them bandwagon ass-cats come May & June". Peace out – the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Great post!

No one will remember the Pistons 35-5 if they don't win the NBA Title, that's the bottom line...  


Anonymous Evan said...

I still think the Tigers streak is a bit more impressive. For whatever reason, other teams have been able to do this in bball before. But that's an UNREAL start in baseball. Absolutely unreal.

So the Tigers get my vote for now -- and just by a tiny bit.

(I was only 5 at the time myself...but unlike you, I'm a big enough ass to not care that I have no authority on the matter. *grin*)  


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