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Friday, February 10, 2006 at 12:34 PM

What an amazing week!

Damn, there has been so much going on this week it is not even funny! Of all the weeks to get busy at work (damn my bosses, don't they know I have a blog to run here!) it had to be this week when so much has happened. As it stands right now I have little or no time, but the big wigs are all still at lunch, so if I may take a brief few moments to discuss the joyous events of this week I will do so.

First, I guess the on again, off again, back on, nope it's off, just kidding it is on again... relationship with Mike Martz has come to fruition. I do like the hiring overall, I really do, the only thing that scares me is the personnel he has to work with. Like say our undersized offensive line? Or how about our underachieving divas at the receiver position in Rogers and Williams? Or how about our QB who couldn't hit the side of a barn with a pass? Here is a link to Drew Sharp's article today in the Freep and for once I actually agree with him.

Next I would like to point to the Freep again and say "about damn time" that the Pistons get the freaking respect they deserve, sort of. I say "sort of" because, I am sorry, I hate the way All-Star games are run, I really do. To me it really should be the coaches who pick the starters and let the fans pick the damn bench warming scrubs. Seriously, the starters should be the five most deserving men in the sport and are there any better than the Pistons starting five? If you answered yes then slap yourself upside the head five times, one from each starter, and never watch a NBA game again, you don't deserve it! I also like the fact that Saunders is going to put all four of them in the game at the same time, I can not wait to see them take it to the "Best of the West" together. Very proud and it is long overdue!

Lastly, and by far this is the best news I have seen in years, Jim Herrmann is out as defensive coordinator at U of M. Bless the Lord, all praise Jesus, my prayers have been answered! I have not seen anything in the sports section in years that has made me this happy. In fact, when I heard the news on the way to school yesterday my day was made, that and the fact my Thursday class has this super hot chick in it, but the Herrmann news was good too! Maybe finally if we have a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter we will keep it and increase it too, since we got a new offensive coordinator as well! Man, I am so happy about these moves September can not get here fast enough.

Well, aside from that, the Super Bowl came and went and the city of Detroit impressed the hell out of everyone. I would love to see the revival continue but with Kwame in office I doubt it will. In fact I would be willing to bet that, hypothetically speaking here of course, if the Super Bowl came back in ten years the city would look exactly the same, if not worse, thanks to that wet bag of shit. Hey, can you tell I am a Kwame hater? Put him right up there with Kobe I do.

Peace out and hopefully I can get back to not ignoring this damn thing! The sports dude.

Blogger Ian C. said...

Oh, Sports Dude - if only the Hot Chick in your class had told you about Jim Herrmann first. How great would that have been?

I generally agree with you about how All-Star games are selected, but we have to remember that popularity sometimes plays more of a factor than merit. But sometimes, the most popular and best players make the team.

I don't have a problem with LeBron and Wade being starters. I want to see those guys, too. But in this case, I think things evened out pretty well. The fans named who they wanted to see, and the coaches and league added who was deserving.  


Blogger the sports dude said...

Man that would have been perfect, the hot chick telling me about Jim Herrmann! I guess I was just so excited because, being a married man, it is still nice to see that you still got it! It was a perfect evening, sat next to the hot chick, got put in a "discussion group" with said hot chick and even walked hot chick to her car... she claimed she got mugged last week on campus, I offered, she accepted and that was that. Yes, maybe a little horrible, but I live and die by the saying "you can look but don't touch, the day you stop looking is the day you need to go to the doctor to get your head checked!" Like I said, it made the sports dude feel good that he still has it, whatever it is anyway!

Oh, back to sports... yes, I agree that the All-Star game is a popularity contest and the fans want to see the players that sell jerseys, but it just gets so damn played out some times, so redundant. I think, especially in baseball since the stupid idea exists that the All-Star game means something, that it is guaranteed the best guys are there and not the "pretty faces". I guess too it is a deep down revenge thing because, believe it or not, the sports dude was not a popular cat is HS. Shocking I know! But hey, that hot chick doesn't know that right? Damn, it always comes back to the hot chicks!  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

I knew you would love the Jim Hermann news, but come on, none of us believe your hot chick stories!  


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