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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 1:47 PM

Tuesday Tidbits.

Man, what a day for some good old fashioned random tidbits from yours truly, the sports dude. Want a taste?

Ladies and gentlemen, hell has officially frozen over, pigs undoubtedly are flying and I think the sky may fall at any moment; Dick Jauron has been hired as the next coach of the Buffalo Bills. That is right folks, a former Lions coach actually got rehired, at the pro level, can you believe someone actually wants a Lions retread?

Detroit rolls into Minnesota tonight for yet another reunion game, of sorts, in this horrible season of basketball that they are putting together. I mean not a single one of the Pistons players has come close to 81 points, they should be ashamed. Forget about “team” ball, forget about 33-5, forget about the Title, the home court advantage, throw all that out the window folks and get me a ball hog that can score 81 points in a game. Wait a minute, I got off on a tangent (or rant, whatever!?!?) what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the reunion game, Flip back in his own stomping grounds for the first time since he was fired last Feb. 2nd by his “good old buddy” Kevin McHale. Good thing you got rid of that lousy coach there Mr. McHale, look at what he has done to the Pistons! He took a team that won a title in 2004, was minutes from one in 2005 and has turned them into a 33-5 wreck of a team. Damn you Flip, what a horrible coach!

Another Piston moment here, if you will, and it is all this “matching the Tigers and going 35-5” crap that I keep hearing about. People please, shut up and let it go, why would you want to jinx the Pistons and start throwing Tigers crap at them? Seriously folks, let it go, before it is too late!

MGOBLUE Blog first hinted at this the other day and then at lunch I read it at the bottom of “The Ticker” in the Detroit Free Press, supposedly the Dallas Cowboys have some interest in one Jim Herrmann and are looking at him for a linebacker coach. Man, could you see that, Herrmann crossing paths with Bill Parcells? Seriously, don’t you think Parcels is going to make him cry? Besides, what the hell is he going to teach those LB’s anyway? How not to tackle? How not to be aggressive? How not to cover the middle of the field? Or, to just put it plainly, how to play defense as to not lose? Man, can you tell I really am going to miss that guy, that is, if my prayers are answered and he is gone? Now when is another team going to start looking at Terry Malone, the offensive coordinator?

Hey, did anyone figure out yet that I think Kobe is overrated and I am, as some of those other sites state, a “hater”? What the hell is a "hater", man that word just really never sat well with me, something about that whole improper English thing or something, but hey, what do I know, I am just a “hater”.

The Super Bowl is set and yes the sports dude is happy that the Steelers are in it. Hey, I don’t know if you guys heard this yet or not, but Jerome Bettis is from here? Can you believe it? Man, what a story, I can not wait to hear about it, read about it, listen about it (hey, I am a "hater", I can use improper English too!), have it forced fed to me for breakfast, lunch and dinner... you get the point! Yes, I am happy for the Bus but damn, are you all going to start following him into restrooms next to see if he wads up his toilet paper or folds it? Come on, give me a break. Oh, I would also like to point out that Larry Foote and Jermane Tuman of the Steelers and Steve Hutchinson of the Seahawks are all from U of M and playing in the Super Bowl. In turn I checked and I would like to let the sports pig know that I could not find any Spartans anywhere on the rosters, but I will keep looking. Hey, maybe the towel boy is from MSU on one of those teams. I kid sports pig, you for sure will get your revenge this week when the Spartans beat the Wolverines 1,000 to 7.5 in basketball, and then we will be good.

Well, that is really all the weird crap that I can think of right now that I felt was necessary to get out. I would like to mention I have added a couple new friends to the linkage on yer right, one being “” and the other I updated my U of M “M-Live” link and it is now a new site called “The Diag”. I would like to welcome them to my humble “bloggy-blog” and apologize to the goofy white guy because I meant to add him a whole lot sooner then I did but, you know, I get lazy and stuff sometimes. All right, I quit, that is enough tidbits for one day… peace! The sports dude.

Blogger Big Al said...

Thanks for the props! And continue bringing the "Haterade" on Kobe. It's fun! To quote that wise man Homer Simpson, "It's funny cause it's true!"  


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