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Monday, January 23, 2006 at 11:57 AM

Monday Babbles...

So the Super Bowl is set and yes my friends I still have plenty of reason to watch. It is also a somewhat historical game for both teams, the Steelers being the first #6 seed to make it (they seed teams in the NFL Playoffs?) and the Seahawks making it for the first time in franchise history. Also on that note, it now puts the Lions in some very prestigious company… the Saints, the Cardinals and yes, our laughable Lions, are now the last remaining teams to not make the Super Bowl. Boy, aren’t we all a bunch of proud parents today? It could have been worse though, if you believe it, one of the last expansion teams (Carolina) could have made it for the second time before we even got to our first! But hey, let us just be thankful we are in the same class as the Saints and Cardinals for a second and reflect on what that truly means. Now excuse me, I have to go shoot myself!

Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in a game last night, the second highest point total since Wilt Chamberlain dropped a century mark on a team back in the day. What does this mean to all of us? That Kobe is great, that Kobe is ready to take the Lakers to the next level? That Kobe is all that and a bag of chips? No, it just means that he is a freaking ball hog and is only interested in personal glory. I heard it on the radio this morning on my drive in and I simply said “Wow, I wish I was Kobe’s teammate so that I could just stand there and watch him shoot 46 times in one game!” It is this exact type of performance that brings down the NBA game, if you ask me, and is why I am rooting for the Pistons to win the title this year more than ever. Not only because they are my home team, my favorite team, but because they are just that… a freaking team! Seriously folks, look at what has happened to them already this year, by National Networks, not once but twice! The first time, on Christmas Day, they were the opening game of a national double header on NBC, the JV to the Varsity, in a Finals rematch against the Spurs. Who was the second game might you ask? No, it wasn’t the Lakers and Heat, that answer is incorrect, it was Kobe against Shaq, along with some other dudes in uniforms as well. The second time it happened it was brought to you by none other than TNT, again they played the Spurs in a warm-up game to “Lebron .vs. Kobe”, no it was not the Cavs against the Lakers, it was poster boy against poster boy, star against star. You want to know why fans sometimes get turned off by this crap that the NBA is pushing, or should I say pimping? Because they themselves forget that it is suppose to be a team game, they don’t pimp the Pistons, they don’t pimp the Spurs, they pimp the jerseys and the names they put on the backs of them. Shit, at least the Spurs have Tim Duncan; the Pistons just have a bunch of teammates, how flashy is that? Man I hope the Pistons just walk away with the Title, I can already see David Stern squirming with the fear of another Pistons-Spurs Finals match-up. In fact, even though it would mean nothing if they don’t win the Title, I would love to see the Pistons get to 70 somehow, I mean could you imagine, an actual “team” winning 70 and not just a player (as in Jordan) doing it? What would Stern do, would he be forced to pimp an actual team? Man, I would love to see that.

The Tigers are somewhere on a bus right now, touring the state and trying to get us excited about baseball in these parts again. Are you excited? Are you feeling it? I am, but not because I think they are going to make the playoffs, rather only because at heart this is a baseball town and we are all just sick and twisted at heart. Shit, give me a .500 team and I will be down in the “D” flipping and burning cars simply because that is about as close of a reason as we get. Look, if they stay healthy and if the cards fall this is a .500 team, bare minimum, but that is about it folks right? I will say this; at least they got the seating chart right on the buses, because I read that Kenny Rogers is supposed to be on the same bus as fellow lefty starters Maroth and Robertson. Let’s just hope he is teaching them about pitching style and not improper cameraman etiquette shall we? Come on, give me a break, I had to take one shot at the cat for goodness sakes!

Beyond that I got nothing else today folks, I really don’t. My classes are already driving me crazy, if you want to know the truth, I have twelve weeks to read five novels and I am not looking forward to that at all! I mean when the hell is the sports dude supposed to read his sports section and blog? Don’t these professors know who I am? Well, I am sure they don’t and even if they did something tells me they would care less. I also finally watched “Batman Begins” this weekend and it was awesome, and that is putting it mildly! Beyond that, I say again, I am at a loss for words and will sign of now. Peace the fork out and have a nice day – the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

"But hey, let us just be thankful we are in the same class as the Saints and Cardinals for a second and reflect on what that truly means. Now excuse me, I have to go shoot myself!"

Damn Sports Dude, I LOVE IT! Great post!

I am excited about the Tigers as well, I don't expect them to make the playoffs, but I think they will be close at the end to the last wild card, maybe that's just wishful thinking!  


Blogger Ian C. said...

Sports Dude, my knight in shining armor: Thanks for defending my honor against all the Kobe lovers today. Their comments and shots at me today provided some great laughs throughout the day, especially when they accused me of "Kobe-hating" when I admitted I can't stand Kobe.  


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