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Monday, January 24, 2005 at 9:16 AM

Monday Morning QB.

Well, the Super Bowl is set - now the wait begins! For what it is worth, I now stand at 6-4 for playoff picks this year, all but guaranteeing a winning season for me! Not that it is really worth bragging about, but it a slow day in bloggerville, so I decided to type it. In the next two weeks I hope to break each team down a little more in depth and look at whom, I feel, will win the Super Bowl. But not today, I need to do some research and such. Well, what else happened this weekend?

The Pistons have lost three in a row now and Larry is back to his "everyone hates us" mantra and his "my players are not giving effort" garbage. For what it is worth, it sounds like Ben Wallace has had his fill of Larry Brown saying that there is no effort, read the paragraph at the end of this article. ("Wallace Ticked"; Detroit News.). For what it is worth, is anyone else getting the feeling that this is Larry Brown's last year in Detroit? Just a question, but I wouldn't want Ben Wallace mad at my coaching style and saying I was sick of it! Just ask Rick Carlisle.

"HEEEEEEEEERE'S JOHNNY!!!!!!" Heaven just got a little more funny! Rest in peace king of late night T.V., you will be missed my friend! Godspeed!

That is all for now, I will check back and chat more later - happy Monday everyone! The sports dude.

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

I have trouble believing that anyone is going to beat New England. I know the Eagles have a nice team, but without TO, and with the way the Patroits are playing, they are just going to be too much to handle. Look at what they did to a good Steelers defense? Look at what they did to a potent Colts offense. They have it all. Passing, kicking, defending, coaching.

I heard an interesting conversation on Sporting News Radio last night. Chet Coppock was asking different people if they thought Belichick would known has a better coach then Lombardi if he wins in two weeks. Everyone said yes, and one added they should rename the Lombardi Trophy to the Belichick Trophy. I'm not for that idea, but I have to say, its hard to argue he's not the best coach ever.  


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