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Friday, October 29, 2004 at 1:46 PM

GO BLUE - GO MAIZE - Go to Division 1-AA MSU.

Well, we will start with the rivalry, the battle, the blue, the green, the game of games. Saturday, 3:30, THE BIG HOUSE - U of M against MSU. I think I behaved well this week, how about you? No Spartan bashing, no hatred for MSU, nothing - I behaved like a mature adult that just wants to see a fair contest, a good game, a hard fought, clean game. Alright, that is crap - I only behaved because there really is no need to talk trash in this rivalry, is there? Being a Wolverine means that a victory is all but guaranteed, unless the Spartans cheat! Remember Spartan Bob? And don't tell me to forget him, the bastard admitted to it the following year in the paper! He gave them extra time, that little bitch! I counted down, the state counted down, the TV announcers counted down, but Bob - he thought it was 3-2-1-1-1-0! I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT GAME OR THAT CHEATER SPARTAN BOB! Or, how about 1990, the last time the Spartans "WON" in Ann Arbor? You know, the no call pass interference, tripping and all out RAPE of Desmond Howard in the end zone? That cost us our number 1 ranking, quite possibly a national championship shot, and I am suppose to forget it? Never! The point is simple, when U-M wins it does it fairly and cleanly, when MSU wins it needs extra time, cheating and bullshit! The Spartans will always suck, the Spartans will always be inferior, and the Spartans will always be whining, cheating little bitches! GO BLUE!

Okay, maybe that was a little harsh, but see what this week does to my maize and blue blood? Now, where were we, oh yes, the predictions. Well, from the above paragraph I think you can guess what school I am rooting for, I hope?!?! Well my prediction for this game is that it will be over by halftime, if the Spartans are lucky. Our defense will choke the life out of the green and make them wish they were playing ( take your pick ) Rutgers, Central Michigan, or any other "power house" powder puff school they play against and always lose to! Michael Hart will continue to put up great numbers, running again for over 200 yards and a couple scores. Henne will continue to find the tight ends, but I think we will see the good old Braylon back this week with about 150 yards and a few scores. The defense will score a touchdown on a return, Stevie Breaston will finally return a kick, and we will put some field goals in the books to boot! Plus, the back ups will all be in by the fourth quarter and they will score some as well! That being said, the only reason why I think the Spartans will find the end zone is because they score late in the fourth quarter against our bench players, the band, and some people Lloyd Carr picks from the stands to play. Here is my prediction:

Halftime Score - U of M 28, MSU 3

Final Score - U of M 48, MSU 13

GO HOME SPARTY, YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later on today I will post about my Lions prediction, but I am out of time. Go Blue, Go Maize, get out of town green and go to division 1-AA or something, until later my readers - the sports dude.

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