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Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 8:46 AM

Thank you U-M for finding your pride!

Well, even though I had a funny post to rip on the SBC Challenge game all prepared, I am still none the less happy that U-M remembered that TRADITION should ALWAYS come before money and greed. This isn't a Florida school, this is Michigan, the maize and blue, the mighty Wolverines - not a cheap suit and a $50 dollar whore. But that is what the game was about, it was about tarnishing an image, cheapening the great tradition. If you don't get excited about U-M versus Ohio State on your own, without having to "spice" it all up with a stupid sponsorship, than you shouldn't call yourself a college football fan - let alone a football fan at all. The game doesn't need sponsors, the game doesn't need endorsements, the GAME ENDORSES ITSELF! It is U of M versus Ohio State, and that should be enough for everyone. I am glad U of M came to their senses, well, actually I am glad that the alumni's voices, the fans voices, were heard. It is nice to see that they are still important voices, just like tradition, heritage, and the game itself - not money and greed.

I still might put my other post up later, because it was funny, but for now I am out of time. Until then, chew on what little info I have given you, swallow and digest, but please do not choke or get food poisoning. Until the next time, my friends - the sports dude.

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