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Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 4:53 PM

Selling out in Ann Arbor...

(Even though the Wolverines saved their pride, I still came up with this funny story for an all out sponsored game. Seeing how I don't want it to go to waste, I am still going to post it anyway - here it goes!)

Welcome to the Damon's Steakhouse Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan for the first ever Green and Blue challenge. The Michigan State Spartans are brought to you today by American Express, and they are looking to take charge today on the field early in this one. Just like another green team, or card if you will, can do for you, American Express always allows you to take charge whenever, wherever, for all you spending needs.

The Michigan Wolverines are brought to you today by Viagra, the infamous little blue pill. The boys in blue definitely appeared fired up and ready to go for today's game, a great tradition between interstate rivals and powerhouses. They surely don't appear to need any help getting up for this challenge, but if you need help getting up for a challenge at home, don't forget to take that little blue pill for yourself. But, as always, please see a doctor before taking any medication. You could even seek out the advice of the fine doctors here in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan Health Center, proud sponsors of the training staff and medical attendants here with us today for this great game.

Now, before we get to the opening kick off, brought to you today by Dunham's Sports, let's talk about some of the things to watch for at home this afternoon. There will be a number of plays that you, the home viewing audience, can vote in for this afternoon by hitting "#FU2" on your Verizon Wireless phone. As Verizon says "Can you hear me now? Good!", and on this afternoon it is good for the fans, because we definitely want to hear you now. Here are some of the things to watch for, and vote on, in today's contest:

- "The Comcast High Speed Internet Connection" long pass of the day.

- "The Leggs Pantyhose" Run of the Game.

- "Mr. Muffler Brake Shop" defensive stop of the game.

- "DTE Energy" Most Energetic Player of the Game.

- "Hooters" Best Looking Cheerleader of the Game.

- "WDFN The Fans" - Fan of the Game.

As always, today's instant replay is brought to you by TiVo, so no one misses a beat, not even the referees. Be sure not to miss a second of the Home Depot Halftime Show and don't forget to stayed tuned after the game for the Tostitos Post Game show with all of today's highlights from this game and around the nation. As always, I am Bret Mushburger, brought to you by the fine folks at Men's Wearhouse, saying lets go down to the field for today's kickoff and please, enjoy the great tradition that is college athletics.

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