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Monday, November 15, 2004 at 9:16 AM

Send me the sports blogs, my brethren!!!!

The Monday Morning Quarterback will be in the office later on today, he is busy doing other things currently and can not sit down and talk sports at the time. Here is a brief preview of the things he will say: U of M good, Lions ( mainly Joey ) bad, and Spartans - thanks! For now, you will just have to wait.

But this post is about an entirely different subject, and that is the need to add some fellow sports blogs to my side bar. I got a comment earlier from this gentlemen and his sports blog, Detroit Sports, is now added to my side bar - #7 from the top for those of you counting! The site is dedicated to sports, Detroit style, and appears to be even more informative and "real" than mine! Maybe I shouldn't add him, or others, to my links list - maybe it will be the destructive end of Luke Waltons Forehead! Oh well, I doubt it, so we will just add the shit anyway!

So, if you too have a sports blog, or any blog for that matter, and are interested in seeing it listed to the right, feel free to let me know and I will add it to my links. Just drop me a comment, leave me the URL, and away we go! Just do me the favor and do the same in return, a life for a life, I mean, a link for a link!

Well, the Monday Morning QB will be back in awhile, for now keep reading, keep breathing and give me some URL's my brethren! Until next time, hope your Monday is cheery and bright - the sports dude!

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