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Tuesday, November 16, 2004 at 10:18 AM

New link added!

Just found another new site, Garage Poker the blog. I have no clue how to play poker myself, my card skills stop at Uno, Solitaire, War and Go Fish. However, the site is run by an old friend of mine so I figured I would give him a "shout out" just for the hell of it! From the looks of his site, maybe I can use it to learn a thing or two about garage poker, or poker in general, and enjoy this deep, dark underworld game that is growing more popular by the minute. It looks like the famous people have their fancy "Celebrity Poker", but we common, middle class folks only have the not so glamorous "Garage Poker". Well, that is fine by me, who wants all the fame, riches and TV time anyway? Not me, I will just stick to dark alleys, cheap bars and garages for my poker - if I ever learn. Check the site out here, and refer to the bottom of my links list to the right for the direct link. Sorry it is on the bottom, no offense to the site, I was just lazy and in a hurry today!

Well, more to come later - as always, enjoy and have a wonderful Tuesday, I am off to study up on the difference between a straight flush and a full house. All I know is, at least, I got the two of a kind thing down! Until next time, my faithful readers, the sports dude!

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