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Tuesday, November 16, 2004 at 9:44 AM

Doing a good deed post.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation is a group founded by, none other, than cyclist Lance Armstrong. The foundation is dedicated to cancer awareness, as well as helping those deal with the tragedy of cancer itself. There are yellow "live strong" bracelets that can be ordered, and worn if you choose, to help raise money to go towards the fight against cancer. I just recently received, and am currently wearing, mine. The bracelets are relatively inexpensive, $2.00 individually if you find them for sale that way, or for a mere $1.00 each if you order multiple bracelets together here at the Lance Armstrong Foundation store. It is for a great cause, and the money itself is very little. Take the time to research and, during this holiday season, maybe go thru your change at home and order some for you and yours. Even if you choose not to wear them, they could always be displayed from the rear view mirror in your car or some other place that lets people know you care and you are trying to help "fight the good fight" against cancer.

Another bracelet that is floating around this holiday season is the "M Go Blue for Mott" campaign started by the athletic department at U of M and, most likely, inspired by the success of the Lance Armstrong bracelets. Here is a full press release explaining the background of the U of M campaign. You can order them here from the M-Den store, buy them in person at any local M-Den, and there are also some other local retailers carrying them for you to purchase as well. Unfortunately, at this time, I can not remember which ones they are, but they are out there none the less. The cost again is relatively small, a mere $2.00 here as well, and the money this time goes to help fund a new children's hospital ( Mott ) at the University of Michigan Health Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Again, another simple gesture, a very low cost, and an overall great deed.

The U of M bracelets are more local, but the Lance Armstrong bracelets are noticeable nation wide. If we all band together, use a little of the "spare change" we all have floating around our laundry rooms, dressers, cars, etc., maybe we can truly make a difference in a life, or more, come this holiday season... and beyond! Like I said, there is no reason to wear them if you choose not to, but the purchase is relatively easy on the pocket book and big in the fight against cancer and to help make sure that young children have the best hospital available to them anywhere in the world!

Plus, being a U of M fan and having both bracelets, together on my wrist the blue Mott bracelet and the yellow Lance Armstrong bracelet look great side by side - yellow and blue. That isn't the reason why I am wearing them, my life has been touched by cancer many times and my children have needed the resources at Mott, but it is a nice touch anyway!

That is all for now, remember you can help make a difference, if you so choose. Until next time, when we again talk sports, the sports dude says thank you and god be with us all.

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