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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 11:25 AM

And Carmelo says... "It was my friends weed, man!"

Well, isn't that special? How convenient, for Carmelo that is, that it wasn't his weed. I mean, we all have room mates, right? And we all have people we share back packs with, right? And when we go out of town, we take our back packs with us, and we repack our backpacks, right? And we just happen to forget to check what is in there, or just assume that what is in there is okay and add our own stuff to it, right? Oops, what is that? There is weed in my back pack, you say? Oh, man, it isn't mine, it is my buddies. See, I have this room mate that stays with me, and we share everything. We even share this back pack, from time to time, and I just grabbed it before I left to get on the plane, man. I just figured it was all good, you know, the stuff in here. I mean, we are after all, room mates, so I figured it was stuff in here that I would like, so why bother checking before I got on the plane. I mean, my stuff is his stuff, so I figured the back pack was all good too, you know? But this weed, this ain't mine, yo, it is definitely his. See, we may share a house, a back pack, but not the weed or the peanut butter - we have our own. I like JIF, he likes Peter Pan brand. I mean, you know, I just forgot to check.

Seriously Carmelo, get a life! Face it, you baby, if you weren't too busy pouting over your lack of playing time at the Olympics ( because you ain't got no game, even if you are on the cover of EA NBA Basketball 2005 - CURSE OF THE GAME COVER ) you would realize that this is a played out excuse and you should be thrown in jail for flat out lying through your pouting lips! Let me put it to you this way, even though his friend is saying it was his and not 'Melo's, do you still believe it? Check his buddies bank account soon, or his sock drawer, I guarantee that there is a hefty sum of money in there somewhere for taking the fall for this for his "good buddy" 'Melo. I mean, it is a small fine, a little probation, and you still get to live in a mansion with Carmelo - shoot, I'd take the fall for him too - I would just demand that I can share his peanut butter with him, instead of having to get my own.

Is it a big deal - yes, it is. But it looks even worse when you play the "It wasn't mine, it was my friends" card - and then throw the "we share a back pack" line on top of it! You are a multi-millionaire teenager, dude, you expect me to believe that you only have one back pack up in your "crib" and that you have to share it with your room mate? That is pathetic, go back to college, get a degree in better lying techniques, and get a life! Also, get another back pack, one especially for "your friend and his weed", then we don't have to worry about it anymore, nor do you.

That is all, enough said. I got to go make a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and hope I grabbed the right brown bag from the fridge this morning. I guess if I didn't, and my boss walks by and sees me with a beer at my desk, I can always say "Sorry boss, I must of grabbed my kids lunch this morning instead, it is his beer and not mine." Good by, god speed, keep reading my buddies - the sports dude.

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