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Tuesday, October 26, 2004 at 10:20 AM

Eating my words... what can I say?

Well, I guess I will start with Saturday and my beloved Wolverines. I at least got their point total correct, 16, but came up short on Purdue's. Well, it was a hard fought game all the way to the finish, and once again, thanks to my boy Mike Hart the maize and blue came out on top. Seriously folks, where would U-M be without Michael Hart? They would be somewhere around .500, which is unacceptable in these parts nowadays. What are we, the Spartans? .500 football is not acceptable in Ann Arbor, maybe in East Lansing that is viewed as an accomplishment, but not here. Alright, alright, I had to get at least on Spartan bash in here - it is, after all, the showdown week. I will preview that later in the week, most likely Friday, but not before then. I will not, however, make any promises about holding in the Spartan bashing this week, that is, after all, part of the fun. But, U-M won, I boldly predict they will now run the table in the Big 11, and will wait and see if Wisconsin will lose somewhere for us in the weeks to come. Funny, don't you think, that whenever we don't play the Badgers they have a great season, but when we are on their schedule later in the year, they get scared and have crappy years? Weird. One last thing, thanks to Ernest Shazor for that huge hit, that boy is a great football player, don't you think?

Now, the Lions. Real quick here I suggest that for the remainder of this year we either move our games to the Silverdome so that it feels like we are on the road or give away free tickets to fans of the opposing teams so that they come here and cheer against us. I still don't trust Joey Harrington, but I think he should have a beer with Tony Sarugosa before every game. Hey, whatever works for you. I still think they will finish 9-7, good enough for second in the division behind the Vikings and quite possibly good enough for a wild card, if things fall in place.

Well, more in the days to come, still a lot to talk about this week, and we will talk about it, believe you me. Until then my fellow sports geeks, signing off, the sports dude.

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