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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 9:54 AM

The early man post...

Just wanted to add a quick post here about an extremely funny thing Sean Baligian at WDFN THE FAN is doing this week, and trying to carry over to the WDFN website. It is called the early man contest, in honor of people like the Walton's, Bill and Luke, and people who look like they may be living in a cave somewhere. Other nominees to list, that I have heard on the air, are Johnny Damon of the ( soon to be in six games ) world series champion Red Sox - made even funnier by Sean's claims that Mr. Damon has been promised fire by manager Terry Francona and that is why his game is suddenly on fire. Others on the list include Jamaal Mashburn, George Muresan, Andre the Giant, Tayshaun Prince and Shawn Bradley - just to name a few.

Through email to Mr. Baligian, I recently suggested (former?) NBA player Tracy Murray, but have just thought of someone else as well - Sean Kemp.

Well, more in the hours to come, post wise, from yours truly. Always check back for updates and be sure to check out WDFN THE FAN for all the latest in the world of sports and cavemen! Until next time, chisel some tools out of stone and try to make a round wheel my friends - the sports dude!

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