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Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at 9:02 AM

SBC Classic?

This is embarrassing, it really is. Naming a freaking regular season game after a sponsor? Name it a border battle, name it red .vs. blue ( all cheesy, I know, but I am thinking on the fly here! ), but don't sell out. Let alone, don't sell out for a regular season game - that is. If you want a SBC Challenge game, that is fine, but here is what you need to do - add a twelveth team you dumb asses! Make the SBC Game the Big 10 Championship game, after the regular season is over. Then it would be justifiable, then it would make sense, then it wouldn't be a sell out! You add the 12th team, split the big 10 into two six team divisions, and let them all go at it for a season. They already play 11 games, so here would be the break down:

If you take the "division" games, being there are six teams in each division, you would have five guaranteed big 10 games on the schedule. Then, instead of three non-conference games, add a fourth, which brings us to a total of nine games in the regular season. You still need a couple more games, so say play a couple games from the other big 10 division, or maybe play a balanced schedule of 5 division games and 5 non-conference games. But it needs to be done and Notre Dame is there for the taking. Shit, they already play nearly half of there schedule against the Big 10, just add them for goodness sake!

Well, that is all for now, the boss is roaming and we needs to be a workin'!!!! Later I will discuss the sham that is the BCS and what I think needs to be done to fix it and make it fair. Until then, my hearties, drink some beers - or coffee - and hang on my every word - the sports dude!

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