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Thursday, May 18, 2006 at 11:40 AM

What the crap was that?

Okay, I think I can do this now; earlier today I was not ready to type, to talk, to even think about the strange happenings in Detroit basketball land that we have seen in the past week. I guess the best thing I can do to summarize my feelings and emotions and all the things that come to mind is simply to say what the crap and that about sums it up.

Where have the Pistons gone, does anyone have that answer? Can we send out an Amber Alert for them? This is not the same team that swept through the regular season, the first round against the Bucks and game 1 and three quarters of game 2. This is not the same team that won in 2004 and came five minutes shy of a back to back last year. Where is the sense of urgency? Where is the fire? Where is the TEAM? It can not be all LB can it? Where is trying to prove everyone wrong about that? Find something darn it!

As far as the game goes I don’t want to hear any conspiracy theory crap, as much as I hate to say it the Cavs are simply playing better ball right now. The Cavs are doing what the Pistons are suppose to be doing, they are playing like the veteran team that has been there and done that and the Pistons are playing like the “just happy to be here” team. And saying that the Chauncey Billups foul on Lebron at the end of the game was a smart foul, how the hell was that smart? It was stupid, period, end of story! If it was only his fourth foul then maybe I could see the “smartness” of it but it was his sixth man, the most clutch player we have was gone with three minutes left, it was just stupid. The game was tied, give Lebron the dunk, you are only down two and you still have Chauncey. That right there was the game if you ask me, if Chauncey was in I like our chances more than three minutes of crunch time without him. And Rip, what the hell was that sissy thing you did at the end of the game and what the hell was the play call anyway? That was what you came up with for your final shot? Again all I can say is what the crap!

Understand this people this is not the New Jersey series from two years ago this is a total and complete different beast. The difference is in that series there was no Lebron to be dealt with and we all know Lebron has not had that monster game yet in this series right? How many people think that he has it saved up for tomorrow? The answer to that is this sports dude thinks it is coming people mark my words it is coming. Think it will come out tomorrow night? You bet your bottom dollar it will. The real question is can the Pistons counter it or is it too late. Lastly, and I can not believe I am typing this either, if the series does go seven I still don’t know if I like the Pistons chances in game #7 folks, for the first time in nearly three seasons there is doubt in my mind and I do not like it. The only consolation I have is that there are no three day “David Stern TV prime time schedule breaks” in between, it will all be over within the next three days and that is about it, I just want it to be over… my heart can no longer take this crap. There it is again, the word crap, and that best sums up the way the Pistons are playing right now as we speak.

Later – the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Classic Sports Dude! It was a whole lot of crap!  


Anonymous farlane said...

That was indeed crap. There's hope though  


Blogger Big Al said...

I'm speechless. I had some hope. But if the normally "Glass is always half full" Sports Dude has given up...Well, I'm not so sure about this series going 7.  


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