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Monday, May 15, 2006 at 2:58 PM

Bye-Bye Mr. Joey Blue Skies, drove the chevy to the...

All right, enough singing, on with the post!!!!

So the trade is finally complete and Joey Blue Skies is no more, bye-bye, see you later! The soap opera is finally over, the drama queen has left town and now Joey can simply ride off into the sunset and go some place where he can feel needed and loved. Look, you all know I have never been a Joey supporter, I had the word “BUST” tattooed on his head the moment the Lions drafted him a few years ago so it is clear there is no love lost from my end of the tale. I will say this about him and that is the fact he definitely took the high road for four years and I would like to give him props for that, he took more crap than most and he handled better than most would have for sure. I never had problems with him as a person, I could care less if he was a glass half full personality, the problem I had with him was the fact that he was a half glass empty type talent.

So did anyone read the Mitch Albom interviews with Joey in the Freep the last couple days? If not here are the links here and here to the two parts and a more interesting counter interview with Tom “The Killer” Kowalski here that I think spoke more truth than Albom’s work. Look, maybe I was just looking for more or maybe it is my total disgust with anything Mitch does nowadays but didn’t the interview just seem a little staged, a little too fake and phony? Maybe it is because I know, as we all do, that Mitch likes to write fiction books on the side but it almost seemed like Joey gave Mitch the questions in advance and then Mitch did his best to “fiction up” the article. No I am not accusing Mitch of lying; all I am saying is that I agree with the Killer more than Mitch and that it seemed that too many of the good and obvious questions were left out or just not asked all together.

I also want to say that it is quite clear that Joey wanted to be gone and should have been gone a long time ago; this move was just way too overdue. I also want to say that although I am sure it was not the intent the interview, at least to me, really made Joey seem a little bit on the baby side, for lack of a better word at the time. Reading it together just made me see this little kid with a “nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I am going to eat some worms” mentality balled up in a corner crying for his mommy. Look Joey, you can say what you want about the coaches, you can say what you want about the players or your lack of a support group, but at some point and time you have just got to perform dude. The last time I checked you never did that and I would like to say that you had the ultimate supporter in Matt Millen because not only did you get one or two chances man you got a good three or four. How many other teams would have put up with that type of mediocrity from their QB for that long? Not many, so say what you want, but you got the chances and now you get the door. Sorry Joey, no hard feelings, but I am not sad to see you go, I really am not. I will miss the excuses, I will miss the drops, but I won’t miss the lousy QB play that has plagued the Lions for the past four seasons.

I heard a funny line on the radio the other day from a caller and he said that sending Joey to Miami is just our little way of saying thanks for Scott Mitchell… and believe me that is not a compliment! Good luck Joey, see you on Thanksgiving, thanks for taking the high road out of town and I for one will be giving thanks that you are on the opposite side line throwing passes into the turf and not on ours.

Lots of love – the sports dude.

Anonymous Evan said...

You can say what you want about Mitch's thing, but I think most of these sports guys are too full of themselves, as though they have ANY IMPORTANCE AT ALL to people's real lives. 99% of sports talk radio guys and sports journalism is crap as it is.

The one thing I still like about Mitch is that because he's always been a pretty fair person to sports personalities, they do actually talk to him.

Scotty Bowman, for example, would *only* talk to Mitch Albom about anything beyond the basics. That's it. No one else.

And to be fair, on his radio program, which I still listen to periodically because he does snag some interesting guests now and again, he flat out said that he thought Joey got a pretty fair shake here and just didn't pan out. So was it a pure set up? I guess it could have been, but it seems silly that Mitch would then turn around and say things counter to that on his radio show.

Say what you will about Joey's play -- and whether it's blamed on him, on the coaches and players around him, or on both, we all know his play was bad -- he acted more like a real person than some alpha male hotshot athelete. Maybe that's not great for a QB, but I respect that more than I do Dre Bly's whiny ass or Damien Woody who seemed like he only played when he felt like it or Roy Williams who would go out with a hangnail.

Anyhow, Killer is speculating on what he thinks. Mitch's piece is Joey's own words. The former is editorializing, and the latter is simply a softball interview. People can decide what they want to believe more, but I tend to discount sports talk people and journalists trying to present opinion because it's almost always wrong. Shit, guys like us who are just putzing around online are right almost as often as those clowns are.  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Great post Sports Dude, keep 'em coming!  


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