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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 at 1:27 PM

A little Wednesday this, a little Wednesday that...

You know, for some strange reason I had a thought today, what the hell happened to Larry Johnson? Remember him and his old "Grandma-ma" adds with Converse back in the day? Is he still alive? Anyone?

Another thought (yes, that is two in one day, the sports dude needs to lie down now) was the good old "Little Penny" adds and I wondered what the hell happened to Little Penny? I wonder if they gave him to Anfernee, a.k.a Penny, when they ripped up his endorsement deal in front of his face?!?!? Here, take this stupid puppet, it is worthless to us just like your career! It also made me think I wonder if this is a jinx, having a twin "puppet" and all and if Lebron should be concerned in the least of ways.

Like I said, really random BS today but it is after all my blog, so why not? Later y'all! The sports dude.

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