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Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 11:47 AM

The sports dude and his NBA playoff madness.

Well the playoffs are upon us and quite frankly they started about a month too late if you ask me. The Pistons were ready a month ago, I was ready a month ago and I think most of the fan base here in Detroit was ready a month ago. A record breaking regular season for the Pistons ended last night by setting a franchise record for overall wins, home wins and road wins. They also set an NBA record for fewest turnovers in a season total as well as lowest average per game, which I suppose is obvious when you put the two together. The Pistons open against the Bucks which, if memory serves me correctly, was the same team they opened against in 2004 when they won the title. Fate? Coincidence? Whatever it is I am just glad it was not Indiana, not because I fear Indy, but rather I think that would have been too emotional of a first round series. Anyway, here is my playoff preview and I also, at the end, will refer back to my preseason picks and see how close I was.

Eastern Conference Playoffs – Round One:

Pistons vs. Bucks = Pistons in five
Miami vs. Chicago = Miami in five
New Jersey vs. Indiana = NJ in six
Cleveland vs. Washington = Cleveland in six, not surprised to see seven

Most intriguing match up to me will be Gilbert Arenas and Lebron James going head to head for six or seven games. I almost wanted to pick Washington, but something tells me the league wants King James to go on and wants a Pistons/Cavs Round Two.

Western Conference Playoffs – Round One:

San Antonio vs. Sacramento = Spurs in six
Phoenix vs. Lakers = Suns in five
Denver vs. Clippers = Clippers in six
Dallas vs. Memphis = Dallas in four or five

Most intriguing match up, to me, is my one and only first round upset at all and that is the Clippers over the Nuggets. The Clippers have the better overall record and won the season series over the Nuggets, whom I think are an overrated bunch as it is.

Well, that is my first round and I am going to take it a step further and give my second round picks and whom I think will make the Final Four.

East – Round Two:

Pistons vs. Cleveland = Pistons in about six most likely.
Miami vs. New Jersey = New Jersey in six or seven.

West – Round Two:

San Antonio vs. Dallas = Dallas in a tough six or seven game series.
Phoenix vs. Clippers = Suns in five.

That is right folks, the sports dude is predicting the much anticipated Detroit/Miami Conference Final will not even take place and the Mavs will take care of business and eliminate the Spurs. The sports dude is predicting a Detroit/NJ and a Dallas/Phoenix final four and that is as far as I go, except to say I am sure you all know I am picking the Pistons in the East. I just don’t think the Heat will get past NJ for some reason, some strange lack of quality play, old age catching up to Shaq and just good old ball hogging self implosion. Besides man they still got Antoine Walker, a.k.a. Mister Disappear in the Playoffs. I also was not expecting the Mavs to be this good this year and historically the Spurs have never done well going for the back to back.

As far as my preview here is the link taking you back to November 1, 2005 and what I thought would happen. I had some of the seedings off in both conferences, the final few go back and forth, but for the most part I was a pretty good guesser. In the East I had Philly in and Chicago out and up until last week it looked like I was going to be right. In the West I had Seattle and Houston in instead of Memphis and the Clippers but can you blame me with the Clips? I didn’t think so!

Well that is all I got for now, I hope you enjoyed the read and I will check back later and we can all talk some more, peace – the sports dude.

Blogger Yfactor said...

Its gonna be the Spurs and the Pistons in the finals again ... mavs dont stand a chance !  


Blogger Ian C. said...

I like your picks, Sports Dude. Smart, with a sprinkling of moxie. Love that Clippers pick. But I think the Wizards' playoff experience, slight as it is, will give them the advantage over the LeBrons. But I agree that watching Arenas and 'Bron go head-to-head will be fun.

I also hope you're right about the Nets getting past the Heat, because I can't watch Haslem and Mourning pump their fists through a seven-game series again. Watching the Pistons make Vince Carter miserable sounds much more fun.  


Blogger twins15 said...

For me, Cavs/Wizards is the matchup I'm most looking forward to because of the Arenas/Bron potential. That looks to be very close and very good.

But one I'm really looking forward to is Lakers/Suns. I may have just had too much Kobe Kool-Aid, but I really think he and the Lakers are capable of making a run, maybe even to the conference finals.

Should be a great playoffs!  


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