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Thursday, April 06, 2006 at 3:39 PM

Lions are 10-6 (on paper) baby!!!!

The Lions schedule has been released and right now, on paper, the sports dude is giving them a 10-6 which will win the Lions the division. Yes folks, the sports dude is smoking a little something-something and drinking from the funky Kool-Aid, but that is my regular season prediction for these guys. The defense will play more aggressive under Henderson, the offense will be less sleepy with Martz (and some quality QB’s finally) and Marinelli will have these guys ready to actually play some damn football. I mean if they don’t want to play the guy will kick their asses, threaten their mothers and simply ship them out of town. Look, Green Bay is rebuilding, Chicago got lucky last year, overachieved and never does good in consecutive seasons and Minnesota has the only chance of causing any problems for the Lions. Therefore, in honor of my “wacky-tabacky” day here is a game to game break down of what I think will get the Lions to my, on paper, 10-6 prediction:

HOME against Seattle = loss (0-1)
AT Chicago = win (1-1)
HOME against Green Bay = win (2-1)
AT St. Louis = loss (2-2)
AT Minnesota = loss (2-3)
HOME against Bills = win (3-3)
AT NY Jets = win (4-3)
HOME against Atlanta = loss (4-4)
HOME against San Fran = win (5-4)
AT Arizona = win (6-4)
HOME against Miami = win (7-4)
AT New England = loss (7-5)
HOME against Minnesota = win (8-5)
AT Green Bay = win (9-5)
HOME against Chicago = win (10-5)
AT Dallas = loss (10-6)

I know you all probably think I am crazy but I truly feel that Marinelli will finally get something out of these guys, Camp Moochinwegville is over! I also strongly believe that the ghost of mediocrity past (A.K.A. Joey Harrington) will reveal itself as a strong revitalized offensive unit. Martz will get the wheels turning, Jones will have the type of season he should (since he will get the ball 25-30 times) and the defense will be a lot more aggressive under Henderson than it was under the “bend but don’t break” system. I also like the thought of the Lions going Texas Longhorns style again and drafting Michael Huff to complement Dre Bly. That is it, enough Kool-Aid for one day – the crazy sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

You must be on something. I looked at the schedule and immediately thought 8-8, but am willing to give Martz credit on the "O" and get them to 10 wins as well. Although I think I picked 10-6 last season and we saw how that worked out.  


Blogger Big Al said...

Dude, you are a "glass is half full" kind of guy! I just hope you're right...  


Anonymous Evan said...

I might flip a few of these around, but I think the Lions could be 9-7 or 10-6 for sure.

For example, I think a win against Arizona might be a stretch. They tend to throw for 300 yards a game, and they did that WITHOUT a running game. Now that they have Edgerrin James, I think they'll be awfully good. But I think Dallas might self-implode.  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Where are ya Sports Dude?  


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