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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 2:57 PM

Feeling a little nervous today.

This has happened before right, so why the hell am I so nervous? Was it that giant meatball sub I ate at lunch that is causing my stomach to twist and turn? Well that may be part of it, there were a lot of peppers and onions, but I think the Pistons have more to do with it than anything else. I mean did the Pistons just decide to play good old fashioned Larry Brown basketball because it looks like their old coach may get the boot again? Why am I so nervous this time, this isn’t a 3-2 deficit against New Jersey two years ago where they had to win game 6 in NJ. This isn’t last year against Miami where they had to win game 7 in Miami or even needing game 6 in SA last year in the Finals. What the hell is it then? Why this strange feeling, usually I am confident but something just smells funny here folks and I don’t like it.

The only glimmer of hope I am holding on to is the fact that they get to face the Cavs two out of three at home and that is still very little consolation to me at this point. For nine straight quarters now, the last one in game 2 and all of them in Cleveland, the Pistons have been beaten in every aspect of the game by a team that should not be doing this to the Pistons. In the regular season we have seen this before against the likes of the Bobcats, the Hawks, or any other bottom feeder team that you want to name, but this is the playoffs man, where is your heart at boys? Or to quote one of the more infamous people in the “D” itself let us go to the clip of Matt Millen asking “where are you testicles?” Something has got to give and I hope it is not the Pistons.

In order for me to feel somewhat better I need to see another game 1 performance tonight, I need to see the Pistons run the Cavs out of the Palace and just destroy them by 20 some points. Why you ask? Simply because even if they win a close one the Cavs will still have that little bit of confidence left in them and I just want to see the Pistons cut it all out right here, right now, and just finish it before it grows stronger. No screwing around, no keeping it close, I mean by the fourth quarter I want to see Delk, Hunter, Delfino, Cato and Davis on the floor. Guys this series has to go no more than six, the Heat and Pat Riley are just sitting there licking their chops, healing their wounds and game planning for (hopefully) you guys in the Eastern Conference Finals. End it, put the dagger in the Cavs and let them bleed out on the Palace floor tonight, there can be no more screwing around with these guys, I am sure my stomach is not the only one upset right now in this town.

Later – the worried sports dude.

Blogger Big Al said...

Whoa, the Dude wants blood!

Calm down, put a cold compress on your forehead, and go to your "Happy place." ;-)  


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