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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 9:20 AM

A spirited compromise.

The front page of today's Detroit Free Press made me think of an interesting predicament that we have here today in the city of Detroit. This is the first time, I believe, that the NHL Playoffs and the NBA Playoffs have started at the same time. Last year there was that dirty little word known as the lockout and this year the Olympics pushed back the hockey season a little bit. So the question today is what to do with the Spirit of Detroit Statue downtown that typically has a Red Wing Jersey on it for the NHL Playoffs but last year, without the hockey playoffs, had a Pistons Jersey on. So my friends what do we do now, does it wear one or the other, whom gets pissed and whom is made happy? Well, in honor of all things being fair and equal I thought that it would be best to make both teams and fan bases happy, put an afro on the statues head and a Red Wing Jersey on its torso, what do you think?

Later - the fair and square sports dude.

Blogger Ian C. said...

I like your idea, Sports Dude. It's a good compromise. My first thought was that the Spirit of Detroit should wear a Red Wings jersey, since they still play IN the city. But I don't think that would reflect the majority of fandom, which will probably follow the Pistons more closely.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple - The Spirit of Detroit should wear a Red Wings jersey because, like Ian said, the Wings still play in the city! The Spirit of Auburn Hills can wear a Pistons jersey.  


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