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Monday, May 22, 2006 at 1:39 PM

Survival Monday.

Well the playoff beard gets to stay around for at least another week but let me tell you I really just had this feeling it was going to be gone this weekend. God bless my wife for putting up with my silly little superstitions because this thing is really starting to look nappy now let me tell you! Remember Pau Gasol and Jake Plummer, remember those damn things? Yeah, I am right up there with them except mine is a little on the red side. In fact, that Russian fella the Cavs had, Ilgauskas, mine was right up there with his too. See when I first started this tradition a couple years ago the beard was still in its beginning stages and didn’t grow this fast so it was not quite as nappy as it is now in such great speed! But alas, a superstition is a superstition and until it proves me wrong I will not stray even if I end up looking like the new member of this band. Anyway enough about my facial hair and here are my quick thoughts on the game:

Chauncey – the next time you want to tip a purposely missed free throw could you do it away from the opposing teams rim? Watching that ball bounce like that was the longest second of my life.

Tayshaun – he will make the All-Star team next year, the kid is finally showing everyone nationally what he can do.

Flip – although it took you about five games and being on the brink of truly being known as a great regular season coach I must say nice adjustments and it was about time. Oh, one last thing, see what happens when you use the bench a little bit more, you went nine deep and the starters were much more fresh for the closing minutes. You will need Davis and Delfino this series so don’t be afraid to go eleven.

Lastly was this a wake up call or a sign of the end coming? Me I like to say a wake up call and if the Pistons can look like this against Miami then I like their chances. However if they lose their identity again, like they did against the Cavs, the Heat are not going to let them back in this thing. Remember how you played the Big Fella’ last year, let him dunk all over you in the first half because by the second half he will be on the oxygen machine gasping for air. Also just because you won the season series 3-1 does not guarantee anything, you also won the season series 3-1 against the Cavs.

Okay, enough yapping, remember ugly ball is you style, if Stern and the League TV people don’t like it tough crap, when you are holding the Larry O’Brien you can shove it up the… see what I am saying? If ugly wins it who cares at least you won it. Damn it these last two games have been Detroit Basketball, remember it and keep it going – later – the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Ah, the old playoff beard, I knew you had something to do with it!

I didn't see game 6, but listening on the radio, I didn't get the impression the tip was that close, but the next day that was all I heard about.

I like your Tayshaun prediction, he could arguably be the Pistons MVP.

The bench is the key for this series. If Detroit's can give them some good minutes and help wear down Shaq, this series will be over quicker then you can say Shaq is getting old.  


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