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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 at 2:57 PM

Tuesday Thoughts...

The Pistons:

Well, the streak comes to an end tonight as Rasheed earned his 16th tech and an automatic one game suspension from the league. Damn shame, if you ask me, because even though Dale Davis (his replacement in the starting lineup) is a gritty veteran it just isn’t the same without Rasheed in there, or any starter missing for that matter. Speaking of the technical foul issue itself, does anyone else think it is just his reputation that is preceding him in a negative way? The last few technical fouls that he has received have been questionable at best and it is a damn shame that the refs are clearly out to get him. Sorry, call me a complainer if you want, but it is clearly true.

The Pistons have also locked up home court advantage in the East and have a 2 game lead on the Spurs and 4 on the Mavs. I think, hope this is no jinx, the Mavs are all but out of it and all the Pistons have to worry about is the Spurs. A couple last second things I would like to watch down the stretch are who is going to be the eighth seed and the second seed in the East. Will Philly hang on or will Indiana fall to #8? I am not too scared of Indiana, I think the Pistons will take care of that menace in 4 to 6 games, but I worry about the emotional toll it may take out of them in a first round match up. The other thing is could you imagine the Nets catching Miami and getting the #2 seed? Talk about a tough break, and road, for the Pistons if this all happens - Indiana in the first round as the #8 and then Miami in Round #2 because they fall to the #3 seed. Not a scenario that works in the Pistons favor, so here is to hoping Indiana stays at #7, the Sixers do just enough to stay at #8 so the Pistons can sweep them and Miami holds off New Jersey.

Lastly, on a quick note, Joe Dumars finally got selected for induction to the Hall of Fame and may I say congrats and that it should have happened last year. In the modern NBA where they try and preach team work, ethics and sportsmanship there is no better example I can think of than the Pistons very own Joe D.

The Tigers:

With a 3-1 victory against Kansas City on opening day the Tigers are now a game above .500 for the first time since probably about this time last year, give or take. Kenny Rogers did what he was supposed to do and Zumaya looked damn impressive “gun slinging” out of the bullpen. Chris Shelton homered twice, man what a steal that guy was, and Guillen added a homer in the eighth for insurance purposes. Stop the presses here folks, Pudge actually took a walk yesterday as well, could this be some strange sign of things to come this season? Some sort of omen? Who’s to say, but at least it was a win and at least baseball is finally under way again. I mean I love basketball and all but I was damn near bored because there has been nothing to really read about lately.

The Red Wings:

Well, like I said, thank God baseball started – hockey bores me and I have not paid attention to these guys in my 29 years of life and it sure isn’t going to start now. I will say that at least it appears Stevie Y is going to go out with a playoff run that will end in the second round instead of the first.

The Lions:

Where will Joey go? The latest “rumor” has the Dolphins the front runner and I hope for all parties involved this wet bag of shit is off the roster sooner than later. Yes, I know this is already old, but how funny would it be to see Joey the starter for the Dolphins on Thanksgiving Day? I know one thing I would be thankful for, the fact he is no longer in a Lions uniform at long last!

There you go, another dose of sports dude wisdom, remember to chew each morsel 40 times to avoid choking and digestive problems. Have a good one my hearties – the sports dude.

Anonymous Evan said...

Did you see the Pistons tonight? McDyess looked 6 years younger. Amazing.

As for the Lions and Joey... Have you ever noticed the disturbing trend of how every castaway player from the Lions and Tigers seems to excel elsewhere? Joe Randa, Frank Catalanato, even Gabe Kapler, etc... Guys that people seemed to kind of give up on. Or with the Lions...Reuben Draughns, Aveon Cason (who had that amazing year returning kicks for the Cowboys after leaving), Pat Swilling... All guys that were booted out of town that played well after leaving. I think his head is too tied up in knots to do it, but wouldn't it be ironic if Joey burned us on Thanksgiving?  


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