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Friday, December 02, 2005 at 12:49 PM

I see no reason to boo.

First I will say I am going to keep this short and sweet, time is not on my side this afternoon. Also, I wrote this post ("A Thank You Note to Larry Brown") back on July 26 and, quite frankly, I still agree with most of what I said there. So really if you want to know what I truly feel about the situation then read that post either before or after you read this little ditty.

As far as I am concerned there would have been no title without LB. Even with Rasheed do any of you actually think they would have won with Carlisle at the helm? The answer, if you are being honest with yourself, is nothing other than "NO!" LB took the defensive foundation that was laid by Carlisle and broke those players down into that whole "right way" thing and got them that title. In fact, he had them within either a bonehead play away ('Sheed in game #5) or within minutes (in game #7) of winning back to backs. There is a banner hanging in the Palace, the place is now located on "Four Championship Drive" because of what Larry brought to the table so please think twice before you boo.

Lastly I have always felt this way about it - you know what you get with LB and that is a wandering eye. He was brought here by Joe D for one reason... to win a title. He came here for one reason... to not rebuild and to get the title. There was only one problem - it happened in the first year of the plan and therefore LB and the wandering eye happened a lot quicker then anyone thought possible. Look, Joe used LB and LB used Joe, it is as simple as that.

Quite frankly if I was at the Palace tonight I would stand and give the man a much deserved ovation but once the game starts I would cheer just as loud to have the Pistons blow him out of the Palace.

Thanks Larry and thank you for reading guys - the sports dude.

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