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Friday, November 18, 2005 at 11:48 AM

Weekend Warrior - Rivalry Weekend Edition!!!!

Well, here you have it folks, not only is it rivalry week we are staring at what may very well be the last weekend warrior post for the year. Let’s face it, after this weekend college games become spotty at best and there is little left to root for as far as our NFL team here is concerned in the “D”. So without further adieu I give you the (possibly!) final installment in the all knowing of know nothings, the wacky, zany and clinically insane prophet known as the Weekend Warrior!

Northwestern at Illinois

Ron Zook is just finishing up his first full season at Illinois and it has been anything but pretty. After enjoy life in sunny Florida for a few seasons he has come to see not only how tough the Big Ten is but just how cold the weather is up here as well. The season couldn’t be over fast enough for him as he contemplates not only how the hell is he going to stay warm but why in the hell he came here in the first place.

Northwestern 47, Illinois 19

Minnesota at Iowa

Both teams are bowl eligible so the bottom line here is who gets the better bowl and who gets the worst. The season has been historic for both programs with Minnesota winning the Little Brown Jug for the first time since Christopher Columbus set sail and Iowa losing its first home came since 1776. Iowa has the edge in the passing game, Minnesota in the running game and both have the inside track for the best bowl game not going to Penn State, Ohio State, Wisconsin or Michigan.

Iowa 24, Minnesota 21

Purdue at Indiana

Well, this game comes down to one simple thing… NOTHING!!!! Both teams are ineligible for a bowl game and both are just now “playing for pride” I suppose. This one is a snoozer at best and I think it is safe to say that, if it is on TV, go rake leaves or something.

Purdue 17, Indiana 10

Penn State at Michigan State

There is so much riding on this game I think really there is no room for jokes. By the time this game starts the “BIG” game in Ann Arbor should be well into the fourth quarter and the need for this game should be either monumental or diminished. If U of M wins to the Spartans try and give it a full effort knowing full well their victory all but gives U of M the Big Ten’s BCS berth? Do they want to win it for themselves, regardless of what it means in Ann Arbor, or do they just want to get the season over with? Do they believe in John L. as a coach or do they just tank for him in hopes of getting him fired? Do they even care anymore, do they want to at least get some bowl game and salvage what was once a promising season. Look, maybe I am being a slappy here, maybe I am just hoping for the best and that U of M will win and the Spartans will win, but strange things have happened in this rivalry over the past couple of seasons. I think the Spartans will ignore Ann Arbor all together and instead play for themselves and play the way they did early in the season. Yes, I am picking the upset here for folks, again not because I want MSU to help us, but rather I think MSU wants to help themselves. Yes I am being sincere darn it, so get over it!

MSU 35, PSU 31

Ohio State University at Michigan

First I am going to say this, all bets are off in a rivalry game and because this game means so much to me I am not going to make a score prediction at the end here. Maybe I don’t want to jinx it, maybe I am just uncertain, maybe it really is a combination of both, but I am not going to do it! I will say this; I hope that in payback for last years embarrassing and unnecessary “dog sniffing” incident at OSU that the Wolverines pipe their fight song into the OSU locker room. I also hope that they employ a ban on anyone and everyone that wishes to wear a sweater vest at the game, all but forcing Tressel to actually not dress like a dweeb for once. This game will come down to the intangibles as always and I give the offensive edge to the Wolverines, I give the defensive edge to Buckeyes and special teams are dead even if you ask me. Both teams have dangerous return men and both teams have shaky kicking games, they are about as even as you get. U of M is much deeper at tailback and I think the change of pace between Hart and Grady will be punishing for the OSU defense, but those damn LB’s I am sure will take it. All in all I think this game will come down to the fourth quarter, be much closer than last year and I will say this – thank God it is in Ann Arbor!

Michigan and OSU – may the dog fight begin!!!!

Well, here it is again, quite frankly for what could be the last time this season, the totally and completely off the wall feature to save all features, the:


Duke at North Carolina

That’s right folks, two of the nation’s elite programs going head to head at the tail end of the season. The battle of North Carolina, two schools so close that they are literally right down the road from one another fighting it out on the basketball court. Last years National Champion against this seasons #1 ranked school, a true dog fight in its purest form. What’s that you say this is a football game and not a basketball game? Darn it, I guess no one really cares then, but I liked the basketball angle better.

North Carolina 3, Duke 2

UPSET SPECIALS OF THE WEEK – I am taking Virginia over Virginia Tech, Auburn over Alabama and the above mentioned MSU over PSU.


Detroit at Dallas

Remember when we were looking for a coach and Parcells was available and stuff and remember how we never even looked at him? Remember that? Yeah, not that I really think that “The Tuna” would have considered coming to this mess, he does have a reputation to uphold, but I still think it should be brought up. Does Joey deserve the start? Yes he does and he should continue to start until he goes back to old Joey, but that is just my opinion. The problem is that Mooch continues to defy logic and who the hell knows what he is thinking nowadays, let alone why the hell he is thinking it! Lastly I would like to add that regardless of who is starting the Lions are destined to lose this game, they really are just not that good and way too banged up on defense.

Dallas 27, Detroit 13

Well, that is all I got for now, I am off to church to start begging for forgiveness and to pray for a good old fashioned ass kicking to be put on the sweater vest this weekend. GO BLUE, GO GREEN and do it safely, I really want everyone to come back next week. Later – the sports dude.

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