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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 11:24 AM

Monday Morning QB - showdown in Ann Arbor Edition!

Get off of my case all right, you all know that typically my “Monday Morning QB” is posted on Tuesdays, aren’t you all used to it by now? Especially this week, the sports dude had a huge test yesterday at the old college (yes, they let me in, they will take just about anyone’s money you know!) and an even bigger test looming tomorrow. So, no offense to my 1.5 fellow readers, but all my extra time has been devoted to studying. That being said, I did find a few moments to type this up, so here you have it!

First I just want to “toot my own horn” because the old sports dude had a really nice week in the upset specials department going three for four. Don’t bring up that Northwestern/Ohio State game that I kept referencing to it was not in the finally tally. All things considered I got the South Carolina over Florida, Iowa over Wisconsin and LSU over Alabama picks right. My lone misstep was picking Cal over USC and I have now decided that enough is enough, USC will never lose again as long as the sun continues to shine in California!

First let me talk about the U of M front here for a moment if you will. I am not yet ready to give my pick, I still need to talk to the spirits, consult my magic eight ball and go into a deep trance and channel the worlds energy into my soul to make an accurate choice. All right, actually all I do is drink a few beers and eat a burrito, but that counts as spirits right? Anyway, no matter what happens this Saturday this season truly ended up being one of the most memorable and special to me. Just a few weeks ago I looked at a devastated, injury ravaged and just emotionally beaten down 3-3 team that lost to Minnesota (for the first time in 1,000 years!) on a last second field goal. Not only was it a last second field goal, but it was created by a back up running back gaining 60 some yards down the sideline when all he was really trying to do was not fumble and run out the clock! That was it, I said, I love my boys, but the wheels have come off and the spirit is now broken. I looked at the schedule and I said “Hmmm… Penn State next, followed by a scary trip to Iowa, then Northwestern and Ohio State still. The only “gimme” is against Indiana! Shit, 3-3 could easily be 5-6!” Well, I tell you what, even if this team loses to OSU they showed a lot of heart, a lot of poise and a lot of “intestinal fortitude” by sticking together and vowing not to break. There are a lot of teams out there that would not have been able to suddenly start second stringers because of injuries, there would have been plenty of teams that would have cashed it in, but they persevered and really turned a down year into a special year.

Speaking of “cashing it in”, I guess that is a perfect way to lead into the Spartans who have had one of the most amazing turnarounds (in the opposite direction that is!) that I have ever seen. After the U of M game they stood at 4-1, still a nice standing and plenty of reason to finish out the season strong. But then in one instant, in one stupid fuck up by the coaching staff, all the air got sucked out of MSU football with a blocked field goal right before the half against OSU. That block, which was returned for a TD by OSU literally changed the momentum of not only that game for the Spartans it seems to have literally crushed them and ruined what once looked like a pretty darn good season. They have gone completely 360 from the 4-1 start to a 1-4 finish with one game left on the horizon, against Penn State at home this Saturday and at 5-5 a victory gets them a bowl. The trick is, Spartanville, do you want to win, do you want that bowl, because if you do (and assuming U of M takes care of business against OSU, I said assuming, get over it!) then it means you victory gives the BCS bid to the Wolverines, it gives them a share of the Big Ten Title and it gives you simply a trip to the Motor City Bowl. Or do you just forget everything and tank it so that the season is over and you officially are labeled one of the biggest choker schools of all time? That is a lot of weight on one game there Spartyville, what are you going to do about it? Me personally, in order to help you make you decision, have spent a lot of money on chocolates and flowers this week, sending it all too any Spartan football player I could find. Oh, and did I forget to mention that if you win I will be holding a “kegger” at my house afterwards in your honor? Yeah, I thought that might work better than the flowers and stuff, but I sometimes wonder about you Spartans so I am never too sure what to do.

Lastly I would like to talk about the Lions, my beloved Lions how they love to torture me so, and the soap opera that continues to be yet just another season in Detroit Pro Football. There is a local radio station down here that carries Mooches Monday press conferences and let me say this, that cat truly hates Joey Harrington. I am not just talking a dislike or distrust, I am talking 100% full and total hatred of him as a QB and I am starting to think as a person as well. Just listening to him say that “Joey played good” and the tone in his voice when he said it you would think someone had a gun to his head and was threatening his family in the background, this guy just can not give Joey any love at all. Was it a great game, no, but I think we all know that there are not too many “great” QB’s in the NFL these days. But come on, at least say he had a good game and pretend that you mean it for Christ sakes! I understand the predicament that Mooch is in, he knows if this season continues to head into the crapper that his job is gone, so I can not blame him for favoring his boy in Garcia, I really can’t, but at least say something nice and sincere about Joey for a change. In fact, I almost see Millen getting rid of Mooch and Garcia at the end of the year but giving Joey a fourth “last chance” with a new coach next year. Millen is playing Mooch like a puppet right now, you want to save your job fine, do whatever the hell you want, but it better get me to the playoffs buster or else! That is what is at stake here and Mooch knows it, Millen is playing it, and all us fans are left puking our brains out and scratching our heads. Oh yeah, one last thing, when everyone and their momma calls you a “diva” and you score a TD, don’t go and strike a pose like a bikini model in the end zone there Roy Williams, it only makes things worse! Man I miss Barry Sanders, he had the best TD celebration of all time, you know, just handing the ball to the nearest rest. He didn’t need any dancing to prove he just beat you, the broken ankles and skid marks he left on defenders was enough for him. I hate all this “celebration” shit; it really is just silly if you ask me.

Well, that is all I got today, off to talk to the spirits, eat me a burrito and get some beer, there is a big day of college football Saturday and I have got to be ready for it. Well, I got that stupid test tomorrow first, but after that my thoughts will only be about that damn sweater vest and how the hell the Wolverines are going to beat them on Saturday. Later – the sports dude.

Anonymous Evan said...

Yeah, I have to say... Mooch just doesn't seem to get it. One thing that guys like Parcells have going for them is an ability to work with ANY player and to change offensive schemes based around the personnel available.

Mooch simply doesn't like Joey Harrington. You hit it right on the head. He never adjusts the offense to play to Joey's strengths. He never gives him any support. He never stops the infighting when the team starts to boil up against the QB. Nothing.

There's no doubt Joey's got a lot to prove, that he's never been better than mediocre for a string longer than 2 games. But he's also never been allowed to get in a rhythm with the players around him.

And Mooch just sounds like a royal ass when he's like, "Joey played a good game." Uh, yeah. He played a hell of a lot better than Jeff did when he was "creating" in that giant 13-point offensive show against Cleveland. Ha!

They should shitcan Mooch right now and let Jauron coach out the rest of the season. Not that he'd be any better. But at least it'd send some signals that Millen wasn't going to keep tolerating this shit.  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

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Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

You never let me down with the insight! Great job as always and yes, I will be cheering hard for my Spartans to win and for your Wolverines to beat the hated Buckeyes!  


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