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Friday, November 11, 2005 at 10:34 AM

Weekend Warrior - 11/11/05 Edition.

Yes sir, you know you have missed it, you know you have been waiting for it and well here it is! Once again it is the time for the all knowing of the know nothings, that insanely master of stupid humor and personal therapist for Terrell Owens, it is time for the Weekend Warrior!

Indiana at U of M

Yes, I know, I spoke about it here last week and I will bring it up here again, all I have to say is trap game! Lloyd Carr has said all the right things this past couples of weeks, the players have all said their focus is on the Hoosiers and not yet on the Buckeyes, but do you really believe them? I for one think U of M truly will win, but if I were a betting man I would NOT put money on this game and expect the Wolverines to cover the spread. Take Indiana because this game will be closer than the 24 points the line is giving but I think at the end of the afternoon the Wolverines will shake of the boredom and come out on top. Actually the sports dude scored a pair of tickets to this game, so look for me on your TV tomorrow afternoon. How can we tell what you look like sports dude, how are we going to know it is you? Come on now, that is easy, I am the prettiest guy in the stadium and I also have a halo over my head!

U of M 38, Indiana 20

MSU at Minnesota

So U of M needs to win one of its final two games to get that sixth win and become bowl eligible, is that right? And John L. Smith is currently, as is with the case of all Spartan coaches recently, on the hot seat at the end of his third season, am I not mistaken? After starting the season 4-1, with a loss this Saturday the Spartans will have done a rare feat and that is go the complete 180 from their start and be 1-4. You know what Sparty fans, hate to say it, but that sixth win is not going to come until next week.

Minnesota 27, MSU 19

Northwestern at Ohio State

I was half tempted to put this one in my upset special section, but then next weeks show down in Ann Arbor would lose some of its luster if OSU came in with a second loss already. Therefore I kept it out, but remember the sports dude really wanted to put this game in there! Without needing to say anything else about this game, except for my weekly shot at the sweater vest, the wet bag of shit Ohio State coach gets a good look at what a spread offense is supposed to look like, not what his half assed version of it is he runs in Buckeyeville. That being said, again I remind you this game is teetering for me, I pick Ohio State in a closer game than I think most people expect in Columbus this weekend.

OSU 37, NW 34

Iowa at Wisconsin

Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz and Wisconsin Coach Barry Alvarez are good friends and former colleagues, having both served on former Iowa Coach Hayden Frye’s staff. In honor of his buddies pending retirement Kirk decides to send him out with a perfect parting gift, one last kick in the ass on the football field.

Iowa 23, Wisconsin 17

Well folks it is that time again, the moment of moments, the feature of features and the game of all games this week, the weekly:


Navy at Notre Dame

What do you expect, does it always have to be colleges with names that sound made up or teams that are just in a downward spiral? I mean come on here folks, Notre Dame is rolling under Charlie Weis and has beaten Navy something like three thousand times in a row! All right, it is more like 48 or something, but you get the point and I really don’t see it changing this season for sure.

ND 45, Navy 27

Upset specials of the week – the above mentioned Iowa over Wisconsin, South Carolina over Florida (the cock gives it back to his old school!), LSU over Alabama and, you guessed it, California over USC. Oh, and did I mention, I really wanted to pick Northwestern over Ohio State but changed my mind at the last second?


Arizona at Detroit

Yippee, Joey Ballgame is starting again!!!! Yippee, Chuck Rogers actually ran fast and caught the ball in practice this week! Amazing, you mean that NFL receivers are actually required to run fast and catch passes that are thrown to them, when did this happen? Is that written in the rules somewhere or is the Players Association going to be looking into this as a direct rules violation, expecting too much of its receivers? In any case, for the second week in a row, Joey is going against a QB that was looked at this last off season as a guy to come here and “push him” (last week it was Brad Johnson, this week it is Kurt Warner) and for the second week in a row the other QB will (shockingly!!!!) look better than Joey once again.

Arizona 31, Detroit 16

Well, that is it folks, luckily I have my Wolverines this weekend, whom like I said I am fortunate enough to go see in person. Last weekend there was no football being played in these parts and after the Wolverines this Saturday it looks like there will be nothing again worth watching on Sunday. That is unless you watch someone other than the Lions anyway! As always god speed and tailgate responsibly my fellow readers, the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Love reading this as always and it looks like (unfortunately for my Sparties) that you are right on with your picks. I hope the Lions win, but I just don't see it happening. Too many injuries on defense is going to let Warner have a field day throwing the ball around...  


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