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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 9:30 AM

Turkeys in Sports.

First I want to say that I got inspired to do this little silly post here by a local radio station that is doing something similar this afternoon. There, I said it, that way if any of you readers out there read this post and think "Yeah, nice job sports dude, real original, what else are you ripping off of people?" then you know that sure as shit, it inspired me to write this damn thing. So in honor of turkey week, in honor of all things thanksgiving and such I give you my nominees for turkeys in sports.

NBA = Ron Artest. The guy just seems to be turning into the NBA's version of Mike Tyson with every passing second.

NFL = Terrell Owens. Tear apart your franchise QB. Check. Offer to fight all your teammates. Check. Demand more money when you have no right to. Check. Working out topless in your driveway and performing an interview at the same time. Check. Just being an overall douche bag that got what he deserved. Priceless.

NHL = not a huge hockey fan but I will give it to Bob Goodenow whom should have just realized the sport needed a cap and given in right off the bat.

MLB - Rafael Palmerio. Let's see, I guess I will go before Congress and point my finger at them and proclaim that I have never done steroids only to test positive a few months later. Real smart there Raffy, real smart!

That's it, like I said not a earth shattering post here but just something I felt like doing. So come, let me have it, who do you guys think should be in there? Let me know - later, the sports dude.

Blogger Sports Litter said...

PGA- John Daly. Smoking a Cigar will chewin tabacco and eating a turkey leg at the same time.

Poker- Mike Matasow. The guy never shuts his trap no matter how ridiculous he sounds. Thinks he's tough cause he was in prison on drug charges.  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Good list Sports Dude, I agree on them all...  


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