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Wednesday, November 23, 2005 at 12:55 PM

I am thankful for this post and...

Well yesterdays post was a rip off of sorts so I guess I may as well keep the theme going with today’s post as well. There have been many sites that I have frequented this week, as I always do, that have done some sort of “thanks” style post in honor of this week of giving said thanks. Therefore I too would like to jump in on this giving thanks band wagon and make my thanks be known to the people out there in the world as well. However, seeing how I rarely take anything seriously (SHOCKING I KNOW!!!!) here at the old forehead not all my thanks will necessarily be on the serious side. Yes, there will be some that are serious, but I also want to give thanks to some of those “off the wall” things in life as well, so without further babbling here we go.

First (and any of you that have one of these will understand why this one HAS TO BE FIRST!) I would like to give thanks for the lovely and talented sports dude-ette, yes boys, there is a wife in my life, someone really does see something in me! Not quite sure what it is but I do know that I am not deserving of such a wonderful women.

Next there are the three little sports dude-lings that run around the house and wear me out on a daily basis. Thank you JB, D and LJ for giving me plenty of exercise without ever having to step foot in a gym. Yes, the sports dude has been graced with three young strapping boys; I must have done something right somewhere to be that lucky!

Another year with my mom, who has beaten two different cancers now and continues to kick ass! Of course I am thankful for my father as well; it is his fault after all that I am the way I am with sports!

Next there is all the family and friends that I am fortunate enough to have and they actually enjoy this raving lunatics company! Shout out to my nephew “Lil’ C” (I give all the kids initial type nicknames, keeps it more real you know!) who just turned one and took his first steps this week. Yes the sports dude is also the sports uncle (would that be duncle?) and has another niece or nephew on the way. I have three boys and a nephew; maybe this one will be a girl!

I would also like to thank the men and women serving in the military and putting their lives on the line everyday for this country. Whether or not you support the war you have to at least support the troops so to them I say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

There are some of the generic ones as well like health, a house, a job, etc… those are all givens and I do not mean to diminish them, trust me I am fortunate there as well. Lastly I would like to thank all of you readers out there that help keep this little silly dream of mine alive, without you there is no forehead! There is my good buddy the sports pig there taking care of the “north country” and was the first to find me here about a year ago. Also some of the new friends I have found in the sports blog world like J-Combs over at Pistons News, the sweaty man & fried rice guy Ian C., Greg Eno and Out of Bounds, the newest member of the family at sports litter and all the other sports blog brethren who frequent from time to time, even though you aren’t regulars you still help me keep it going. Also there is this cat over at 21 Thieves that goes by Evan and even though he is not a sports blogger to say don’t be fooled, he still sneaks a sports post in every now and then. Soon he will become one of us, but even if he never fully does, he is a great read and a supporter of the forehead as well. Seriously to all of you my gratitude goes out, even though the grammar may be off and the structure poor, I love to write and this allows me a free form way to do it. I tried political blogging before as well as a creative writing one, but they never stuck because they never worked, I just never got into them. But the forehead works because it allows me to do two things I love – write creatively and enjoy sports. Oh, and it also works because of all of you, so seriously thanks a ton.

All right sports dude, stop getting all mushy and ass kissy on us, where is the wacky stuff we are used to here? Well, here are just a few of the none standard things that I am thankful for in life.

Of course there are the Ron Artest’s and the T.O.’s of the world whom every time they open their mouths it seems to be something entertaining and hilarious. Please guys keep up the good work, it makes my job easier.

I am thankful that hockey is back so I again have something to put on my TV at night to help me fall asleep.

I am thankful for college football and tail gating at the golf course outside the Big House, all though this year I wasn’t thankful for all the ulcers and heart problems you guys gave me!

I am thankful for beer, most notably anything that has the words “Bells Brewing Company” on it!

I am thankful for the game of golf – where else can you drink and drive and get away with it legally?

I am thankful for Bud Selig who continues to run MLB like a joke.

I am thankful I am not Latrell Spreewell, who must have a lot of kids somewhere if that 10 million he was making last year was not enough to put food in said kids’ mouths.

I am thankful for Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Liv Tyler, Cate Blanchett, and Halle Berry just to name a few.

I am thankful for Donald Trump and that ridiculous comb over for making me laugh, the guy is a millionaire, can’t he buy some better hair or something?

I am thankful for warm blankets, apple pie, pizza, the game of basketball, my widescreen, my PS2, anything that says "internet" and "NSFW" and all the other silly guilty pleasures in life that get me thru!

I am thankful that you guys made it to the end of this post, thankful that you read it and thankful, as I said before, that you visit. I will be off of the blogging thing here most likely until Monday so please have a safe and happy holiday weekend, eat and drink your fill, but do it wisely! No DUI’s or busted guts here at the forehead! Be safe, remember what you have and respect it, think about those who are without and cherish those you hold dear. Until next time we speak, Godspeed my hearties! The sports dude.

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