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Monday, November 28, 2005 at 1:30 PM

"We're building something good here!"

Well, I guess it is all but official now, Mooch has been fired as coach of the Lions. Rumor has it that Dick Jauron has yet to except the "interim" position, seems he wants to be given the job plus a three year deal. If Jauron continues to be an ass about it then it appears QB Coach Gregg Olson will be given the interim tag. There is a press conference at approximately 4 PM at the Allen Park Practice Facility hosted by none other than the moustache himself, Matt Millen.

My opinion can be wrapped up in two very familiar sentences - "What the hell took so long" and "There is always next year." I guess it makes sense and I really could give two shits either way, that is how much I love the Lions. In fact I was joking with a guy at work today that the Lions should hold a contest and allow one lucky (or would it be unlucky?) fan to get some buddies together and coach the Lions for a Sunday. Couldn't do any worse, could they?

The last thing I would like to add on this is this - how ironic is it that the longest tenured coach in Detroit is now Flip Saunders, by like a week or so over Mike Babcock. Boy, isn't that something!?!?

Anyway, I hope all of you had a nice holiday weekend, I did and my waste line shows it! Hope you all are enjoying this Monday and take care - the sports dude.

Blogger Ian C. said...

Sports Dude, your observation about Flip Saunders being the patriarch of Detroit coaches reminds me of my feeling that no matter how bad our teams perform, the sports scene here is never boring.

Even if this is the last bit of excitement we get from the Lions this season, at least it was something the fans can get behind.  


Anonymous Evan said...

I'm kind of pleased to be going to the Minnesota game this weekend. I'm hoping for big games from Joey (PLEASE don't tell me Jauron is going to start Garcia), Roy, and KJ.

I bet Jauron gets a giant ovation simply because he's NOT Mooch.  


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