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Monday, November 07, 2005 at 2:51 PM

Monday Morning QB - for once on a Monday!!!!

Well, the Monday Morning QB really has nothing new to report, nothing exciting to talk about and little enthusiasm for anything football related this afternoon. I mean look at the weekend we had here in Michigan sports – Lions lose, Spartans lose and U of M had a bye. That all being said I guess we will talk about the only good thing that came out of the weekend, U of M and the bye.

Coach Carr told his players to stay close to campus this week, none of the typical trips home during the bye to visit family or to just get away from campus for awhile. Part of his reasoning for this, as he explained last week, was because the bye week came so late in the season and he didn’t want his players to go too far out of reach. He also pointed to the fact that he wanted his players to remain close to the program to get treatment for injuries and to remain under the close watch of the training staff. Even though he won’t openly admit it I am sure that part of the reason is the fact that this week’s game against Indiana is the perfect trap game to ruin what has become a pretty impressive turnaround by these Wolverines. Sports Dude, you know that they are playing the Hoosiers right? And it is in football, not basketball, so why worry? Simply put, the Wolverines had a lot of momentum going, a really nice streak of solid and impressive football, and it is a home game against a lowly opponent before the season ending rivalry game against Ohio State. Quite frankly I would rather it be a tougher opponent this week as opposed to a bottom feeder, this young team would then be less likely to just “expect” a victory if they were playing maybe a Minnesota or a Iowa or something. Instead they have all the inexperience, coupled with the fact that the break may cause them to lose some of the momentum they had built, to look ahead to Ohio State and simply forget they have to play Indiana first. Look, if this was a team filled with strong senior leadership or a team that hadn’t already experienced enough ups and downs in one season to make the Lions look normal, and then maybe I would feel a little better about it. But alas this team is what it is and it is just enough reason for me to be a little nervous going into this game. Hopefully Carr will do what he does best and keep these guys focused, maybe all this worrying will be all for nothing, but something tells me this game will be a lot closer than it should be come the fourth quarter on Saturday. It has just been that type of season for these guys and, make no mistake about it, they need to win out to avoid this season being labeled as one of the most disappointing seasons of all time in Ann Arbor. Anything less will be inexcusable and unforgivable and I really hope these young guys get it.

As far as Sparty is concerned can has anyone checked the web for the “Fire John L.” sites yet and how many of them there are? Seriously, wasn’t it just six weeks ago these guys were 4-0 and ranked #11 in the country? They have gone 1-4 since, if my math is correct, and somewhere along the lines the coaching staff has to be held accountable right? I am sorry Spartyville, I truly am, but I picked Purdue to win in my “upset specials” section on Friday and it really was not that surprising to see it come to fruition on Saturday. All that I ask out of Sparty is that they do us a favor in Ann Arbor, much like they did last season in beating Wisconsin, and save one more victory this year for us over Penn State at the end of the season. They need one more win to become bowl eligible and they have two tough games left – on the road against Minnesota this Saturday and at home against Penn State the following Saturday. So please, get that sixth win, for sure, against Penn State for us here in Ann Arbor, if you guys can’t go to a New Years Day Bowl wouldn’t you want to at least have you fellow Michiganders go? Thanks in advance, we would appreciate it!

Lastly I would like to touch on the Lions, actually I really don’t want to touch them, I am too afraid of catching whatever disease they have. Much like the Lions season this year I think this section of my post can be summed up by one statement – let them go! As in all of us fans, let them go! As in Mooch, Joey, Charles, let them go! I would like to say let go of Roy Williams but the pussy doesn’t even play, so maybe he just needs to get his ass off of the bike and show me something, then I can fairly say let him go as well. But it clear that a huge overall sadly has to be made this off season and it starts with the coach and his entire staff. Millen needs to admit that his guy was not really his guy after all and that his teams’ last three top picks (Harrington, Rogers, and Roy Williams) quite frankly may all wash out. Throw in the fact that Mike Williams looks like he is a kid that just expects it all to happen for him without working for it or earning it and that may make it a perfect four for four. Of all the guys on this “paper” offense, Kevin Jones is the only guy that I say stick with, but that offensive line needs some work to. No offense to Scottie Vines, but the fact that the last three weeks this guy has been your best receiver should say a lot of the lack of pride (and intestinal fortitude!) of these “paper boys” the Lions have drafted the last three years! Clean house, good riddance and bye-bye!

That is all the sports dude has got to say right now, that and the fact that at least the Pistons started last week, giving us something to watch here in Detroit as far as sports are concerned. Later – the house cleaning sports dude.

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