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Friday, January 07, 2005 at 2:36 PM

Wild Card Weekend / Bold Cinderella Super Bowl Pick!

Well, here we go - the playoffs begin! While my hometown Lions prepare for their annual playoff run, or as some people call it the scouting combine and NFL Draft, there still is some actual meaningful football left to be played. So let the countdown to Jacksonville begin - here are my picks:

St. Louis .vs. Seattle - well, can't we just flip a coin and decide that way? Seriously, could there be a crappier match up this weekend? I think this game should just be called the "Who Really Cares" game of the week. Neither team deserves to be here, but someone has to win right? I give my nod to Seattle because they got a former Wolverine on the offensive line named Steve Hutchinson.
My pick Seattle - 42-38.

Minnesota .vs. Green Bay - well, here is my Cinderella story - but I will get to that at the end of the post! Favre will find the Lambeau magic again just in time for the playoffs to begin and the Packers will prevail. Crap, the Vikings are frauds anyway, right?
My pick is Green Bay running away - 31-13.

NY Jets .vs. San Diego - if you would have told me San Diego was going to make the playoffs at the beginning of the year I would have laughed in your face. Well, Drew Brees gets the last laugh now. He will get the better of the QB matchup on this day, and the Jets will be sent packing once again.
My pick is San Diego 27-19.

Denver .vs. Indianapolis - well, can anyone really stop Peyton Manning? Yes, but his name is also Peyton Manning, because he can only stop himself. He will continue his amazing season by ripping the Broncos secondary a new a-hole all day long, sending them away feeling dirty like a fifty cent whore! No chance in hell for the Broncos in this one, maybe Jake Plummer will flip me off too for writing this!
My pick is the Colts - 48-20.

Now, here we go - my bold Super Bowl pick:

Green Bay against New England.

Cinderella story in the making, Brett Favre riding off into the sunset. The NFC is weak this year, sad but true. Even with Terrell Owens, I was never sold on Philly. Now, he is either out or will not be at 100%. I think the opportunity is there for Favre to seize the moment and truly make this his swan song! It would be a nice story, and a fitting end to an amazing career for Favre. This is definitely his last shot, maybe even his last year. I just have this feeling in my gut that he is going to get his team into the big dance, call me crazy but I feel it.

As far as New England is concerned, I can never bet against my boy Brady. He got the shaft in college when Carr was pressured by boosters to play Henson and do that two QB system crap, even though Brady was clearly the better of the two that year! But he swallowed his pride and became a better QB because of it. I love the dude, and as long as he is in the playoffs I will pull for him. The only real competition I see for them in the AFC is the Colts, and I think the Patriots secondary will rough up the receivers again this year just like last! Sorry, not sold on Pittsburgh and their rookie yet, Rothlessberger ( spelling? ), just don't think he has got it yet to beat the veteran teams in the playoffs. Maybe in the regular season, but come playoff time it is a whole different story. His time will come, just not yet.

There you go, those are my predictions! Now, go to the store, get a case of beer and some chips, and plant your ass on the couch and watch some football! I know I will, as long as the wife says it is okay! Until Monday, when I will recap the weekend games and give my next round picks, eat, drink and watch football responsibly - the sports dude.

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