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Friday, January 07, 2005 at 9:27 AM

Laimbeer to be next Pistons coach.

The title of this post says it all. I have said it before, it may be in another post on this site in my archives but I am too lazy to look. I have called radio shows around here and talked on the air about it. In fact, I said it as soon as Rick Carlisle was fired and we hired Larry Brown - Dumars is setting the team up to hand over the reigns to his buddy Laimbeer someday. Now that Laimbeer has hired Mahorn, I think that solidifies my theory a little bit more - let me explain.

We all knew that Carlisle was not well liked, you could tell it all along in that second season. The players didn't like his system, the front office didn't like his aloofness and Dumars didn't like the fact that Memo and Tayshaun were rotting on the bench. I really think Dumars asked Laimbeer at that time if he wanted to coach, I guarantee that is when they started talking about it. So what do they do? They have Laimbeer go and coach the Shock, get his feet wet, see if he really wants to coach. He does and they have some real success, winning a championship and all. But Dumars was not ready to just give the Pistons to Bill, he needed some more time to practice coaching with the Shock.

So what does Dumars do - he decides to let Carlisle be the famous "lame duck" coach - just coach your third year, the final year of your contract, and whatever happens happens. If I need to fire you half way thru season three, oh well, I got Bill in my back pocket or I will give an assistant the "interim" tag. But something happened that Dumars did not expect - Larry Brown became available. Larry Brown, the best coach in the business, the best teacher in the NBA was without a team. So this is what Dumars does - he gets him!

I really think Larry Brown was brought here for one reason - to teach the young roster, to develop them and get them ready for Bill Laimbeer. I am not saying Joe used LB, all I am saying is that Joe and LB used each other a little. Joe told LB that we have some youth, we have some experience, help us get over that hump. You need a championship and this is a team that, for once, you don't have to build from scratch. Use us and just teach us, that is all. Joe used LB to help show them "the right way" and LB used Joe because there was no "start from scratch" here - he knew this probably was his best shot at getting a ring, probably his last. Only problem was that it all happened sooner than we all expected - they got the ring in their first year together!

I really think Joe just told Laimbeer to stay happy with the Shock, learn with the Shock and prepare yourself for the Pistons someday. We all know Larry won't honor the whole contract, he is a gypsy in the coaching world! I truly think this will be his last year, maybe one more max. He is burnt out, you can see it, and I think the end is near. I think Laimbeer has been told, I think that Mahorn is now on his staff so that the two of them can work together and get used to each other as coaches, and I think the reigns will be handed over soon. Just think about it - Laimbeer, Mahorn and maybe - the Microwave? Pretty interesting, if you ask me!

Well, that is all for my conspiracy theories for now. Next I will review who really killed JFK and where Jimmy Hoffa is hidden! No, I really won't, I have been sworn to keep those secrets until death. But, I will give you a clue on Hoffa - he is right behind you! HAH! Made you look, scared yet! Well, until next time, when hopefully my caffeine buzz wears off ( could you tell?!?! ), I must now say good-bye. I will post later on this day about wild card weekend, as well as my picks and why I feel there will be a little cinderella story in the playoffs this year. Good-bye, god bless, god speed - the sports dude!

Blogger Dan Joseph said...

I could not have said it better myself! He absolutely was given the job with the Shock to get experience being a coach. I am convinced more and more each day of my life that sometimes a player can convert straight to a head coach, and he was one of them. Now he just has to bide his time.

Larry Brown was definitely brought in hear to teach a thing or two to the young guys. Rich Carlisle was a fine coach, but he lacked one thing -- the ability to get a rookie ready to play. Look at Tayshuan. It took the entire season. Maybe not a bad thing, but it just didn't seem right.

Your conspiracies will be true next season. I predict Larry Brown retires after this season -- not gets a new team -- and Laimbeer is promoted.  


Blogger farlane said...

I agree. It's as plain as Luke Walton's forehead.

What's more, I think Laimbeer will be an excellent NBA coach.  


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