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Thursday, January 06, 2005 at 9:01 AM

Ryne "Sandbag's" his way into the Hall.

I apologize for the sporadic and inconsistent posting as of late, but I am still recovering from my time off. I spent the last two weeks on vacation - no work, just play. And by play I mean drinking and by drinking I mean a lot! There were countless parties to attend and lord knows that the sports dude is not one to turn down some "holiday spirits!". So I apologize for the lack of anything here lately, but I am still nursing a hangover from a two week drinking spree! All right, enough with the apology BS - let us get on to the post!

Look, Wade Boggs I can understand - but dude, Ryne Sandberg?!?! First, what is up with that first name buddy - were your parents on a holiday drinking spree when they named you? Or do they just think that is how you spell Ryan? Either way, your selection to the hall of fame is just as lame as your first name! Seriously, I hope you realize that by him entering the hall, the bar is now very low for second basemen. Voters can now say "Well, we put Ryne in there, so don't we also have to vote ( insert name of any crappy second basemen here ) in there as well?". He is the bottom of the totem pole now, everyone will be compared to him - just in the wrong way. If I was Roberto Alomar, Jeff Kent, shit even Damion Easley I would be thanking the selection committee - they just about gave me a lock now! What a fraudulent sham, what a waste!

The last thing I would like to say about this is one word - defense! Everyone, including Ryne himself, said the only reason why he got selected was on his defense ( The Ozzie Smith Theory if you will! ). Now, let me ask you this - if defense got him in, how can someone not give the nod to Alan Trammell and Lou Whittaker as well? They set the record for double teams, played together longer than any 2B / SS combo in the history of the game, no one will ever come close - EVER - to what those two did together. They set the standard for what a good double play tandem should be. How many times do you hear people mention "Man, Trammell and Whittaker... " when they talk about double teams and the infield? Now, if Ryne Sandbag can get in on his defense and not too impressive offensive numbers I truly think the greatest double team "team" has the right to get selected for the same reasons - defense. Plus, for the record, Trammell and Whittakers numbers offensively are very similar to Ryne, so what gives? Frauds, shams and BS - done.

Now, as far as Jack Morris goes - no argument here, I just don't think he is special enough to be in there. He did some great things, had some very memorable games, but I just don't see it. Sorry, I don't - done.

Well, I promise to try to recover from this hangover soon and get back to being a more interesting and consistent blogger again! Next time I would like to talk about the BCS ( Bull Crap System ) as well as talk a little about the Pistons as they seem to be FINALLY turning the corner. Until then keep reading, keep breathing and I will try to keep posting - the sports dude!

Blogger Dashiell said...

You're right, Trammell and Whitaker are very similar to Ryne and deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame. So how can you say that Ryne cheapens the hall, but they wouldn't? Either all three of them are shitty or none of them are.

And if you think he sets the bar low for second baseman, then you're an baseball idiot. Name one 2B since Joe Morgan who deserves to be in more than him. His offensive numbers are impressive to anyone who wasn't asleep during the 1980s. He played second base remember? Not centerfield. And he was clearly the best at it for over a decade. If that doesn't get you in the Hall what does? The power hitting 2B is still the exception, not the rule, and more than half the teams in baseball would take his consistently good numbers right now.

And for the record, Roberto Alomar does belong in the HOF. If you can't see that, then clearly I'm wasting my breath on one who knows nothing about the game.  


Blogger the sports dude said...

Here is my point and then I would like to be done with the whole thing. Lou Whittaker and Ryne Sandberg - very similar numbers. Ryne gets in and Lou did not. Doesn't make sense to me, it really doesn't. But hey, that's why Luke Walton doesn't get a vote - he is a very narrow minded individual. Lou gets dissed, Ryne gets in and Trammell was always in the shadow of Ripken. There was no shadow for Ryne, so congrats to him! The sports dude.  


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