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Tuesday, November 23, 2004 at 1:50 PM

The Rumble, the aftermath, the end...

I no longer want to talk about it, I know longer want to post about it, I no longer want to think about it. Moving on, that is what it is time to do. Therefore, I will post my closing points, my final thoughts, and move on in the sports world. It was, by far, the ugliest thing I have ever seen and hopefully there will never be anything close to that again. Now, here is my wrap - up:

John Saunders - I was embarrassed watching the event unfold, I was terrified thinking about the innocent bystanders in the stands, not knowing what Pacer was going to do what next. I was sadden by seeing the horrible event unfold before my eyes, but there was no anger in me at all until I turned on ESPN following the game. ( Note to readers, I watched the majority of the game on our local broadcast station because I enjoy our local announcers better than the ESPN guys ). What set me off, what got me literally shaking, for the first time at all was what John Saunders said when I turned on ESPN - paraphrasing his quote here - "Detroit fans are a bunch of punks, a bunch of sissies." Then later, again paraphrasing, "After watching it again I still say the same thing, Detroit fans are a bunch of punks and sissies". He didn't say just the few that were jerks, he said ALL OF THEM. And then, the spineless announcers that they all are, did nothing to say he was wrong in saying ALL OF THEM, they let him continue and they then went off on their own rants. They are all punks and sissies, if you ask me, and should be fined and take sensitivity training if you ask me.

Then, they continue on with the broadcast by saying that any player would have bolted into the stands like that, and anyone who says they wouldn't is full of it. First, any player wouldn't put themselves in a situation like that, there are only a few knuckleheads that would and Artest is the king of that crop! Joe Dumars would never go into the stands, shit Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn, the original BAD BOYS would never go into the stands. Michael Jordan - no. Grant Hill - no. Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, you name it - all NO's!!!! Artest is the punk, Artest is the sissy, Artest should take the fall and quite frankly I think he should be banned for life from the NBA, plain and simple. End of story - but the ESPN crew that day, and still to this day, should be embarrassed by their comments and their "reporting", to use the word loosely, on that day. Done.

Suspensions - They were handed down swiftly and justly, and I commend David Stern for his handling of the entire situation. ( If baseball and hockey had commissioners like the NBA, and even the NFL for that matter, there probably would be no problems would there be? Anyway, back to the point - ) I think Ben Wallace was suspended for three games too much, but then again I understand it. The Pacers, although they deserve it, lost their entire team for half the season basically, so I think Stern said "Look Ben, normally your shove and head band throw would have 2 or 3 games, but I got to give you some extra because - shit - the Pacers lost everything! Sorry, Ben, but I got to go to 6 games instead of 3". I am cool with that and I understand Sterns logic.

Now, Stephen Jackson - I think 30 games is a little low, but that is alright, I guess you got to give a little right? But, quite frankly, I think he should have gotten a full year like Artest, plain and simple. Artest, although he was wrong, was in the stands because someone threw something at him to make him charge. Jackson, all he was there for was because he is a punk, a sissy, and he just wanted to punch people! He had less right to be there, in the stands, then Artest, so bottom line he should be up there with Artest as well! Jermaine O'Neal, well, at first I thought 25 games was harsh, and I still think it is. I had not heard about him bitch slapping a security guard in the tunnel, for no reason, until now. I originally thought 15 games was fair for him, he does have a clean record and all. But, upon hearing the security guard stuff, I think 20 would be fair and not the 25 that was sent down by Stern.

If any of the appeals are heard, it should be O'Neal's and that is it. Drop 5 or 10 games off of his suspension and that is okay. But if Artest steps on the floor again this season, regular or playoffs, the NBA and Stern will look like frauds and fakes and phonies, plain and simple. Artest should be thankful he is not banned for life and Jackson should be thankful that he is not out for the entire year. Be a man, stop being pussies - Ben Wallace is a man, he is not appealing and I think out of all the suspensions he has the best one to appeal against! Give it up, get a life, go to anger management and stop whining - you are lucky you did not get more you assholes - and that is the truth, done!

The fans - this will be short, but not sweet! Anyone that is identified, they need to be fined, they need to do jail time if it comes with the penalty - basically, they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Take away season tickets for all them, for the year, with no refund. And the dude that threw the cup, he needs to banned from the Palace FOR LIFE, end of story. Not just this year, but forever! And not just for Pistons games, I am talking concerts, shit even the ice skating stuff! EVERYTHING FOREVER for this guy, and I think he should be on a watch list at the Joe, Ford Field and Comerica Park. Make the same example out of him that you made out of Artest, sending a message to the fans - it has to stop, it will not be tolerated, and it is unacceptable. Plus, he still needs to be prosecuted in a court of law to the fullest extent as well. But the Oakland County Prosecutors Office needs to make an example out of the fans, the same example that Stern is setting for the league, that is needs to stop - and stop now!

Now, in closing, I want you to go here and read this article. It is well written, an most importantly, by a professional journalist that is not corny and out in left field like me. It is worth the five minutes and will make you look at the mess from a new and refreshing angle.

Next, if you need any more proof that Artest is off his rocker, go here and watch his interview with Matt Lauer for the Today Show. ( It looks like MSN Video constantly refreshes itself, so you may need to do a little searching, but the interview was this morning and it is there! ) The dude had an opportunity to apologize, say he is wrong, say he is an ass, say anything along the lines of the brawl what so ever, and what does he do? He plugs his freaking CD, that is what he does! Yeah, a real team player, I am so sorry for you man! David Stern, please forgive him and let him play - he is just misunderstood and needs to sell CD's! Man, what a dumb ass! No wonder why fans hate you, no wonder why GM's hate you, no wonder why players, coaches, team mates, etc. hate you! You have a chance to apologize, live, before the nation on TV and you plug your CD?!?!? I give up, you are lost and hopeless, sick and demented, and really need help!

Well, that is all, maybe next time we can talk about happier things on this Happy Thanksgiving Week! Until then, keep praying for love and peace, there is not enough of it in any of our lives, and I mean all of us! Later, god speed and god bless - the sports dude!

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