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Friday, November 19, 2004 at 5:32 PM

The big game...

You can take all the hype, all the paper and throw it out the window. In fact, this is the first time in awhile I am actually scared of a game, plain and simple. U of M should win, on paper, by a large amount. But in this rivalry, anything can happen, and that is what helps make it so special. For once, I am not going to make a prediction about who is going to win or not. All I know is that if Michael Hart does what he has been doing, Chad Henne doesn't act like a scared freshman and Braylon gets enough touches to keep the defense off balance, then all will be well this weekend. It will be a slugfest, down to the wire, last second type game. No blow out here this weekend, that is for sure! All in all, it is going to be another instant classic in this rivalry and I hope, and pray, that my boys come out on top. And if Michael Hart keeps dazzling, if he gets his 150 to 200 yards on the ground, then all will be well in Ann Arbor this weekend and we can start ordering our Rose Bowl tickets come Sunday. Somewhere in the vicinity of a 26-20 game, close and not a lot of scoring.

No need to waste time on a Lions prediction, Joey still sucks and the Lions will still lose. End of story there.

Well, have a good weekend and god bless - the sports dude.

And, by the way, root for Iowa this weekend too! If U of M loses, we need Iowa to win - and I think they will anyway, for what it is worth.

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