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Wednesday, November 24, 2004 at 9:33 AM

Side bar updates...

I was bored this morning, so I finally cleaned up my side bar a little. It had always been bugging me that there was no real order or structure to it, so I took the time this morning to do just that. What can I say, believe it or not I am organized in my real life, so I decided to make my blog follow along.

Besides updating and restructuring, I added a few links here and there, mainly generic sports teams, information sites, etc. that slipped my mind when I first started this thing. I also added a few new sports blogs to my brethren section, give them a look and remind them to link to me darn it! Luke Walton needs some love in the sports blog world, give me some love!

All right, I am starting to scare myself now with all this "love talk", so I gots to go! I mean, I am a Detroiter, all we do is throw beer and popcorn and chairs at people, we be all thugs and punks and sissies and shit, right? Anyway, enough on that, enough on John Saunders and his punk ass, enough already! Until next time, keep loving, keep breathing - and stop wasting beer people! No one, let alone the Pacers, are worth a cup of beer - especially at $7.50 a cup dude! Take care, keep reading and we'll talk next time! This is the sports dude saying I am out - I got to go plug my CD on the Today Show! Peace, and remember I am a Tru Warier ( at least spell it right dude ).

Anonymous glass said...

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