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Wednesday, November 24, 2004 at 2:18 PM

Lions + Thanksgiving = indigestion!

Well, another turkey day rolls around and another grand tradition in the Motor City - the thanksgiving day game featuring the Lions and some team that will kick the crap out of them! Seriously, why do we do this to ourselves each year? Why not play the Bears for goodness sake, and let the Colts play the Cowboys? I mean, at least the Bears are just as horrible as the Lions, so a 6-3 game would not be all that bad! Crap, it would probably put me to sleep and I would miss the embarrassing thing all together anyhow! But, all in all, it is a grand tradition - it is just a shame we have to watch the Lions get the snot knocked out of them for four quarters tomorrow. Anyone else find it ironic that they are playing Indianapolis, just after the famous brawl and all? Kind of an interesting side note, that is all. Not that I think anything will happen, all will be well, I just think it is funny. Anyway, all that being said, let us get on to the predictions.

Well, I hope maybe Peyton Manning will get bored before halftime, decide to let his back up play in the second half, and start his Thanksgiving early. The game WILL BE OVER BY HALF TIME, mark my words! Peyton will have thrown for four scores before the half, where as our great QB, "The Joey" will have thrown for none! Joey will be pulled and we will see a little of McMahon on this day, I guarantee it. The first half will end with an embarrassing score of 27-3, and McMahon will have the second half all to himself. Unfortunately saying that McMahon is better than Joey is like saying a Chevette is better than a Geo Prizm, you know? They both are pieces of shit that you hope have just enough gas to get you home, end of story. The Lions will get one TD in the game, late in the fourth quarter, when the Colts put in their marching band and members of the media to play for them! The final score prediction is:

Colts 44 - Lions 13.

Bye-bye Joey blue skies, hello any free agent QB the Lions can find ( Jon Kitna, Drew Brees, shit, I'd take Tim Couch at this point! ).

Well, have a happy and safe Wednesday night Thanksgiving Eve - the biggest bar night in America! Please drink responsibly and come back on Monday to read what I have in store next week! Also, enjoy turkey day with you and yours, and be thankful that there is a you and yours there! Love, give thanks and fill your bellies you fools!

Next week I am sure there will be more brawl talk, I am interested to see how the appeals go! Hopefully Stern will laugh in the faces of Artest and Jackson, tell them that they should be thankful that what they got was all they got! O'Neal I will give a five game reduction, but that is all! The rest need to be served, so deal with it you candy ass punks! See, I am getting upset again, so I need to stop for now!

Other topics will include a Thanksgiving wrap up, a Lions wrap up, the BS that Ohio State put U of M thru and some college bowl game preview stuff as well! Until then, god bless, be safe, and find something to give thanks for - even if it is just something small, at least it is something! Stay positive, keep plugging your CD or your blog and we will talk again soon - the sports dude!

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Hey, Great Stuff. I'll be back to read often.



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