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Friday, October 22, 2004 at 4:39 PM

This weekend in sports....

Well, let us start with the showdown in West Lafayette - Purdue .vs. Michigan. This will be a hard prediction for me to type, I bleed maize and blue, but the facts are the facts and I have to present them to you as unbiased as possible. Here we go - the U of M defense will keep Kyle Orton in check, not like in the past, but not letting him put up Heisman like numbers either. I am guessing we are looking at a stat line of about 16 for 22 for 223 yards and 2 TD's, with one interception to boot. The defense will also pressure him all day, much like he has never seen all year, sacking him a couple times. However, the offense for the Wolverines, mainly Chad Henne, will be the Wolverines undoing on this day. Henne, still a freshman at heart, will throw two key interceptions that will result in Purdue getting 14 very easy points. My man, the only reason why U-M even has a winning record, Mike Hart, will keep the game close with 175 yards of rushing, along with the Wolverines only touchdown of the day. The rest of their points will come off of field goals, seeing as Garret Rivas remembers you are actually suppose to put the ball between the uprights and not to the left or right. The defense and Mike Hart will do all they can to keep the game within reach, but ultimately Henne's inability to actually throw to his receivers and not Purdues secondary will be the Wolverines undoing on this day. My final score prediction for this much anticipated game is........

Boilermakers 23, Wolverines 16.

Okay, now that the hard part is over, the easy part - the Lions will lose, again. See, the problem here is again the quarterback, Joey Harrington. I am tired of hearing all this crap about "If we just give Joey a running game and some decent receivers he will be a great quarterback." That is garbage and it needs to stop. I don't care if Jesus is the Lions running back and the receivers consist of the 4 of the 12 apostles, Joey will NEVER BE ANYTHING BUT A DECENT BACK UP QUARTERBACK IN THIS LEAGUE. Once again on this day Joey will make all Lions fans remember Andre Ware, in fact Joey makes Andre Ware look pretty good on most Sundays, and the Lions will fall flat on their faces. The offense will be lucky to score a touchdown, the Joey will continue to piss his pants in the pocket and confuse the opposing secondary for Lions receivers, and the Lions will be 3-3 before we know it. I don't even know if I can come up with a guess here for a score, but I guess I will try and just say.....

Giants 26, Lions 9.

That is all for my weekend predictions, now for a hint of things to come next week. We will recap the U-M game, we will recap the Lions game ( if I can call it that ), as well as some fresh topics that may or may not include the NHL lockout, Carmelo Anthony and his "my friends weed" bullshit, plus maybe a little Pistons preview finally. All in all, it should be a good weekend in sports, enjoy and godspeed my hearties. And, if you want to see a real quarterback actually doing his job, watch Tom Brady take it to the Jets as they win #21 in a row. Until Monday, be safe and enjoy the weekend sports world safely and responsibly - the sports dude.

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