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Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 9:16 AM

A-Rod whines, cheats and the fans act like babies...

Well, history in the making - the first team, if I am not mistaken, to come back from a 3-0 deficit and force a game 7. I can honestly say it is not so much that I am a Red Sox fan, it is just that I am a Yankee Hater! I am tired of the Yankees being there, year in and year out and just buying whoever they want in order to "hopefully" win the World Series. Hopefully the momentum will stay with the Sox, hopefully they can carry it over into a remarkable comeback, and hopefully they will win it tonight and go to the world series. It would be nice to see, a great story to break "The Curse", and to break it in record setting fashion would even be more special if you ask me. But only time will tell, and if I know the Yankees, it will be a drag out slugfest that I am sure will go into extra innings, yet again.

Now, onto the A-Rod garbage. Did anyone see that swing he took? I mean, if his justification is that he was using his usual running motion and that was what caused the ball to be knocked away - hello? Do you usually run like a little school girl letting your arms swing looslely this way and that? Does he even know how much more ridiculous it is that he is saying that is just how he runs? I give credit to Torre for arguing, that is what good managers are suppose to do, but come on A-Rod!?!? I just lost what little respect I had left for you, and there was very little anyway, for that argument. If you actually do run like that, I mean all girly and shit, then maybe you need to work on your form this off season instead of your image. Go back to the track and learn to run the right way.

As for the Yankee fans, next time throw the baseballs, beer bottles, batteries and other foreign objects at yourselves. That way if it hits you, which being Yankee fans your aim is probably not that good, it will knock some sense into you. Your behavior was child like and completely inappropriate. Seeing the riot police on the field made me feel like I was watching an Iraqi soccer match and not Americas past time. Grow up and get over it. The officials made all the right calls and I think you should be ashamed - not only that you call yourselves fans, but that you call yourselves Americans. Get a life, don't drink so much, and go get some tissues for your whinny, snot nosed bullshit - and tell A-Rod I said hello when you get there and you are all crying together.

Until the next time, signing off - the sports dude.

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