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Tuesday, October 19, 2004 at 9:03 AM

hello world

First time for everything!! This is my fourth attempt at blogging and actually sticking to it. The problem with the other blogs is they just got too tedious and boring. They were either my attempts to be political, to be funny, or just plain annoying. Quite frankly, they all got boring after awhile. Therefore, since deep down I do enjoy blogging, I decided to give the sports blog a try. After all, to me the only news is the sports section, the rest of the paper just gets burned or is used to line the bird cage. I can give you the typical front page from the local paper here in detroit everyday, somebody dies over drugs, somebody killed over drugs, the mayor is a pimp and doesn't deserve to be in office, the city council is on crack, gas prices high, war in Iraq, and usually something about guns or rape. Very depressing, if you ask me, that is why I love the city of detroit so much. But, the e detroit sports scene - now that is really worth reading about, watching and enjoying. That is why I am jumping on the sports blog band wagon and coming along for the ride. I will add more links to the sidebar as time permits, the boss is about to walk by, and I will also actually write more about sports in the future - that I promise.

So, please, check daily, post a comment with good old squackbox or annoying blogger commenting is you like, it will be nice to talk to someone besides my keyboard, mouse and monitor, and enjoy the ride with me. I love sports, it is a true passion of mine, just was always a little to full of the "white mans disease" to accomplish anything with them. Could always hold my own at any sport - basketball, football, baseball, - but I ain't good enough to make any off my skills, just good enough not to embarrass myself.

So, I will write about sports then - got to be a player somehow. So sit back, relax and hopefully you will enjoy the journey with me. If not, then I will just erase this blog like my others and start again. But hopefully this one will stick. Until later - me.

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