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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 1:04 PM

Where the hell have you been?

All right, all right, I have been lazy I will admit but I have been extremely busy too so cut me some slack. Contrary to popular belief I have not been wallowing in self pity over the disposal of my Pistons, albeit early and sad, quite frankly I was over it by the next day. Does it still suck? Yeah, but watching the Mavericks pummel the hell out of the Heat is helping any leftover wounds as well.

Speaking of the Finals has anyone actually watched? Me, I admit, turned on game #2 the other night but that was mostly because I was dusting and vacuuming the basement and there was not much else on. Yes, that is right people, the sports dude dons the old apron from time to time to, Mrs. Sports Dude makes sure of that! Listen and I say this quite honestly, I am not being a sour puss because the Heat outplayed the Pistons and won the series, but I really am glad to see Dallas up, putting a whooping on the Heat and I would love to see a sweep. Will the sweep happen? Most likely not, I think the Heat will get a game or two, but I can still dream. Look, again I say no sour puss here, but I really do not want to see Walker, Wade, Mourning, Payton or White Chocolate hoisting that trophy, I just can not stand those cats. Lastly I would like to add a couple comments on the Finals – one, the Heat look like they built themselves to just beat the Pistons and if they happened to win a title along the way then great, but they already played their game 7 and won their championship. Lame asses!!!! Next, as Shaq goes so do the Heat, Wade is not good enough to carry that team all by himself, and I say this because the longer the big fella plays this year the more tired he will be next year. Ahhh yes... there is still hope in Piston town!

So the Tigers are winning and I have actually enjoyed watching the games this year. No I am not bandwagoning, I watched games in the past to, I am just saying I am actually enjoying them now as opposed to just watching to watch. I would also like to throw this question out there and simply say that is it just me or would anyone else be surprised if Dombroski did NOT make a move before the deadline? Me, I think he will, how about you? Next, if you all want to give up on Jones as the closer I say go to Rodney, I prefer Zumaya in the set up role where I think he is better served than closer.

So the World Cup is being played and the USA lost huh? Let me say this about soccer, it is even LESS popular than hockey here and that tells you how low on the food chain it is. Unless it is women’s soccer, now that I can watch, but for different reasons!

Well I am about a week away from my Northern escape where I do nothing but sit on a front porch on five acres for a week and a half either drinking coffee (A.M.) or drinking beer (anytime not in the A.M.) and I can not wait. Sports pig, the baseball game may be out for me, I will email more details when I know for sure, but at least I think it would be neat to meet the most popular sports blogger in Leelanau! I will email soon brother!

Later and hopefully I will post more than once a week again soon! The lazy sports dude.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sport dude,
Do you play any sport? Do you ever take 3 miles jog? Do you ever ride the bike? Am I asking wrong questions? Perhaps I should ask:
How many bags of potato chip do you eat/per foodball game? How many gallons can your beer belly hold? How many hours of "sport" you watch each day on TV?  


Blogger the sports dude said...

Hey anonymous - if you are going to attack the sports dude at least leave a name!

Do I play any sport? Let's see - the sports dude just recently had his knee surgically repaired due to damage caused by all the sports that he played in his younger days. Do I play sports as much as I like to? No, but I still love to play. I still like to get out there and shoot hoops in the driveway, throw a football around in the yard or at a tailgate party and when there are enough people mix it up and play some softball or go to the cages. I enjoy golf, but prefer to walk the course if I am allowed to not be forced to rent a cart! I do all of this on one surgically repaired knee and a second that probably will need repair down the road.

If you are attacking me because of what I said about soccer sorry pal, it is boring as hell! I never made fun of the athletes though, let me tell you, that is way too much running for me and I give them props for that. So for whatever reason you are attacking me and doing so anonymously too I might add, all I said was the sport was boring but the athletes I never made fun of and are some of the best kept in the world! You don't run that much without being in shape!

So attack me if you must but something tells me you are probably not in that great of shape either and, just for the record, I prefer chips and salsa to potato chips pal!

Next time leave your name, don't be so afraid, I may just have to take my no cartilage knees and find you so we can have a beer together or something! I don't condone violence so I have to offer beer... but never attack me without knowing me pal!

Later - and you are forgiven for your embarrassing attempt to attack me.

The past his prime sports dude.  


Blogger the sports dude said...

Let us see - do you play any sport? Golf, football, basketball, softball.

Do I ever take 3 miles jog? No, I have three young boys at home whom I chase daily so that might add up. Does a 5K walk at the Race for the Cure count?

Do I ever ride the bike? No, I never ride "the bike" but I do ride "a" bike occasionally and do walk behind my kids when they go for bike rides. Walking is easier on the knees, or what is left of them.

Are you asking wrong questions? No, you are just speaking lousy English. I will say, again, that I do not eat multiple bags of chips during games, I prefer chips and salsa. My beer belly, or lack thereof, does not hold gallons of beer, they only come in 12 ounce cans/bottles here and I can handle about six before I get too sleepy to enjoy anything. And as far as the number of hours of "sport" I watch each day on TV it probably comes down to maybe a few hours a week, if that, mostly I am interacting with my children.

Again I say do not attack the sports dude and do not do so anonymously, the sports dude will always win, you can count on that.

Oh, and for the record, I am 6'1" tall and about a 165 wet, there ain't no beer belly or an ounce of fat on this body pal! That you can take to heart.  


Blogger Big Al said...

I eat 2 bag chip per football game. I never takes miles jog. My beer belly hold plenty gallons. As to how many hours I watch "sport," does that include porn? If so, then several hours. Cheezbugger, cheezbugger, cheep, cheep, no coke, pepsi.

I couldn't help myself... lol

Anyway, don't you hate balless commenters? I don't mind when someone takes issue with my thoughts, but when they refuse to ID themselves? That's gutless.  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

No ball game, maybe next time Sports Dude. Nice to see that you still have the fire to rip into Anonymous!

Most popular sports blogger in Leelanau County? Pays to be the only one!  


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