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Friday, June 16, 2006 at 10:32 AM

Friday's with the Forehead.

The Finals – darn it, just when they looked like they are finished they erase a huge deficit in the last few minutes of game 3, win it and get some momentum back. You know what bugs me more than anything about it? The fact that the 2004 NBA Champion Pistons were the only NBA team in league history to win all three games in a row at home and now it looks like the damn Heat may take that from the Pistons too! Please Dallas at least show up on Sunday so the Pistons can still have that!

The Tigers – continue to roll but it looks like Todd Jones may be in a little trouble. Look, as much as I like Zumaya I can not support him as a full time closer yet, I just can’t. If you make the move I say let Rodney get more save chances for awhile and let Jones and Zumaya share the set up role for awhile. My reasoning? If the Tigers are in contention later in the year and the playoffs are on the line, even though his nickname is the roller coaster, do you really want to trust a rookie and a second year guy getting his first real taste as a closer to be the ones to stop a 19 year drought of no playoff baseball? I am not too sure if I am willing to do that, no matter how promising they both seem and no matter how shaky Jones is, because once Leyland makes the move there is no turning back. I say let them share it for awhile until Jones works himself out of this funk and then see what happens. Besides, I am more concerned with the funk Shelton is in, what the hell is up with that?

The attack – yes, I was attacked by an anonymous blogger the other day and am still bothered by it. For the record anyone who plays any professional sport is a better athlete than me because they made it to that level and I never sniffed it so get off of my case! However that doesn’t mean that I have to enjoy the sport or what they do, to me, soccer and hockey are boring as hell! If that makes me a gallon beer drinking non 3 mile jogging fat ass so be it, but the shit is still boring as hell! Besides according to this article here and this one here if I drink 17 beers a day (how close to a gallon is that?) and eat four pizzas while watching my “sport” and then chase it all with a pot or two of coffee I am in tip-top shape anyway, so there!

That is all I got for today, I think next week I will touch on Tiger Stadium a little but I still need to read the article and let it all sink in. No, I am not a “stadium hugger” Big Al, I agree that thing is WAY PAST ITS PRIME but I just don’t know if I like what they are doing with it that’s all. Later – the sports dude.

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