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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 11:33 AM

Baseball is back.

The winter has ended
and spring is now here,
the smell of the snow
is replaced by that of warm beer.
Hot dogs, nachos, pretzels,
the vendor man yells,
no matter how pricey
somehow that junk sells.
A $5 hot and nasty
somehow goes to $10 at the park,
but does that really matter?
On a new season we now embark.
The manager preaches
"You gotta play smart ball!"
But do the players listen
as another routine fly falls?
Or how about that off season?
What old player did we get?
You gotta love Illitch
for overpaying for those vets.
The minors were once empty
like the vastness of the Sahara,
but some promise now shines
in the names of Verlander & Zumaya.
From Polanco to Guillen,
Pudge, Maggs and Young,
Monroe, Shelton, Inge -
if healthy they can score some runs.
But will the pitching hold?
Will Bonderman emerge as the ace?
Will Rogers be a bust?
Will we be in the playoff race?
All hope springs eternal
as each season starts anew,
for the faithful in the "D"
that hope is all we do.
Hope for the playoffs,
hell we'll even take .500,
after 12 losing seasons
can't you give us something?
But make no mistake
this is a baseball town,
& that hope still remains
they'll turn this thing around.
So get out that pine tar,
put on your eye black,
the boys of summer have returned -
baseball is back.

The sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Great stuff!  


Blogger Ian C. said...

Does The Hot Chick know you write poetry, man? I'd whip out some more iambic pentameter the next time you see her.

And I'd rather say this in an e-mail, but I don't have your address. Thank you for your open and thoughtful response to my post about my father on Monday. You gave me a lot of things to consider, which I appreciate, and I plan on applying them to my daily life.  


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