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Friday, January 20, 2006 at 11:11 AM

Weekend Warrior - Final Four Edition.

Not a lot of time today, so here is the “Final Four” version of the NFL Playoffs.

Pittsburgh at Denver

Well, Pittsburgh did the unthinkable last week and still gave me a reason to watch the NFL Playoffs. Look, Saturday night was a very sad time for me, the Patriots all but imploded and it was a very strange thing to watch that happen. However, the Steelers gave me reason to still believe and pay attention by all but blitzing old softy (a.k.a. Peyton Manning) out of the playoffs, even though the refs did their best to try and hand the game to the Colts. All that aside, you know I am pulling for the Steelers and somewhere up in heaven (if you believe in that anyway!) my grandpa is looking down and saying “you better be boy, especially after you pulled for the Patriots to beat them last year!”. Well grandpa, no hard feelings, but since the Pats lost I can now do you right by rooting for the Steelers. Look, they are on a roll and, even though Denver is now 9-0 at home this season, I just can not pick against them for two reasons; first my heart and second that defense looked awful good man! I think it will be a good game, a close game, but I think the Bus and Willie Parker will control the game on the ground, keep the clock moving and there will be no fumbles this week.

Pittsburgh 23, Denver 20

Carolina at Seattle

I am torn here between a team that I really do not care about (Seattle) and a team that is somewhat hit or miss with me (Carolina). Instincts tell me that I should just go for it and pick both the road teams to win this weekend, but can I really do that? The best way I can answer that is with a simple no, but only because the Panthers are without their starting running back (Deshaun Foster). If he were in I might say go for it and pick Carolina, but darn it even though Steve Smith is playing awesome right now I just don’t think it will be enough. Something tells me that Mike Holgrem will finally get the Seahawks to the Super Bowl; something tells me that Shaun Alexander will have a really great game and something tells me there will be little (thanks to some untimely injuries) that the Panthers will be able to do about it. Carolina has done a nice job of winning on the road this playoff season so far but this time I think they will come up a little short.

Seattle 27, Carolina 19

Well, there you go, I was 3-1 the first weekend but fell off to 2-2 last weekend. I guess 5-3 is not that bad, but as long as I get the Steelers pick right this weekend that is all right with me. Peace out, football responsibly and let’s hope the Bus is coming to the D! Be careful, stay safe and see you all next week… the sports dude.

Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Good picks. I agree. I thought New England basically gave the game away and I wasn't very impressed with Denver. I think Pittsburgh is playing the best of the 4 remaining teams.

I just don't know about the NFC. I think you might be right, but part of me wants to see Carolina win, no real good reason, that's just what I want.

Enjoy the games!  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

You were right on, except the games were blowouts!

I will be cheering on the Steelers. They have been second favorite team behind the Lions since I was little, so GO PITTSBURGH!  


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