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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 at 12:51 PM

Shield your eyes! Women in bikini's! Stop devil stop!

This is the third opening for this post because, quite frankly, I am not too sure what to even say or where to go with this. If you all are not aware of it by now the Detroit Pistons are being pressured by the Michigan Decency association (or whatever their cult is called!) to pull the calendar of the shelves for what they claim is pornographic. Well here is what the sports dude thinks of that.

How the hell can you call that calendar pornographic, what the hell are you talking about? I mean do you people not go to the beach in the summer? Forget the beach, how about a water park or even a public pool for Christ sakes? What do you guys wear, sweat suits and full body armor? To call that pornographic is ridiculous, asinine, stupid, dumb... You get the point. Quite frankly the only thing indecent about the whole damn thing is the fact that this organization is attacking it and that is the truth.

In fact there is even a quote in the article about one of the accusers calling this calendar prostitution, what the hell is that? Are the Pistons standing on street corners or in dark alleys selling these things to men after hours? No they are not, in fact, they require ID checks by the retailers selling these things just to make sure the purchaser is at least 18 years of age. By doing so, as Tom Wilson states, is not conceding that this is pornographic but rather a way to make sure that under age teens don't go home with something they shouldn't. Look, I have no problem with that and furthermore, being the father of three young boys myself, realize that going to a pool, beach or even a water park means they are going to see a lot worse than what is in those calendars if you ask me. Plus they are going to see it live, which again leads me to this question a second time... Do these people go to beaches? Forget beaches, do they leave their freaking houses?

Look, if I were the cheerleaders, I would sue that bitch that calls this calendar "prostitution" for slander, I really would. Basically she is calling everyone of those ladies a cheap 50 cent whore, which I think we all know they are not. Furthermore they are not even doing this for the money, which is usually what prostitutes are doing this for right? The money, except that which is required to cover the cost of making the thing, is all going to local charities that the Palace supports. Does that sound like prostitution to you? I mean how many hookers do you know (me personally the answer is zero, but I assume they are all the same!) that give away their earnings to charitable foundations after a good nights work? Unless you count the pimp, and again I say Tom Wilson is no pimp here, I don't think those hookers are giving up too much of their "hard" earned money, no pun intended.

Look, I have no problem with these so called "decency" organizations when they fight the good fight but clearly this is not one of those situations. If I walked into a video store and saw porno flicks sitting next to the Disney section I would be outraged. However, they keep those things behind closed doors... Or so I have been told, I have never actually seen anything behind those closed doors, I swear! If I walked into a 7-11 and saw a porno mag right next to the Sunday paper I would be pissed, but they keep those things somewhere behind the counter and covered up. Again those are the good fights, those are the ones that are worth getting offended over, but this, especially calling it pornographic and prostitution, come on!

Look, trust me on this, I have been to "family" orientated water parks like "The Great Wolf Lodge" and beaches with my kids, etc., over the last couple years and I have seen things far more "indecent" then that on people at these places. The bottom line here is this, it is up to me as a parent to teach my young sons that women are not objects, they are to be respected. It is organizations like this that try to take the fight to the wrong arenas, take it out of the parents hands and put it on their own shoulders. All I have to say to you is this... piss off, you are only making matters worse. By doing what you are doing, to me, is insulting me and telling me I am not a good parent, that you do not trust me to raise my children right. Trust me when I say to you that I feel it is far worse to make people look away from this stuff, it gives them a complex and only worsens us as a society. Why should we be so afraid of the human body, of a little skin, or (dare I say it?!?!) a little nudity? Do I want my young boys looking at porno, hell no! However my sadly mistaken little organization this is not porno, it is simply a calendar with photos that could have been taken by any "family" at anytime at any given trip to any given beach anywhere in this country. Leave the morals, leave the raising my children and all that other parenting stuff to me and go find something else to call indecent like say, you know, actual porn! It is you that I feel sorry for, it is you that I think needs to get out of the house more and it is you whom, to put it bluntly, that I feel needs to get a life.

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