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Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 10:14 AM

The surviving Christmas post

Well, I got basically everything on my Christmas list (I missed out on one of the Better Than Ezra CD's and the Jason Mraz one) as well as a few surprises, but none was better than the greatest gift of all... the stomach flu! Or maybe it was food poisoning, but whatever it was it kept me up all night on Christmas Eve spreading holiday cheer all over my bathroom... if you catch my drift! Needless to say I am still feeling a little out of sorts today, but hopefully by tomorrow the sports dude should be back to his smart ass self. That being said, let us take a look at some of the things that occurred this weekend shall we?

The Lions truly were the definition of a Christmas miracle actually winning a damn game, in fact, let me take that one step further... Winning a game that they normally would find a way to lose. From the descriptions that I read it appears they almost did, but luckily the best player on their team also happens to be their kicker and pressure situations like that will not rattle him easily. I know, I have to admit, the sports dude did not watch the game, in fact the sports dude totally and completely forgot they were even playing. I have not cared about Lions football in many years now but hopefully someday again I will. I will say this, if there wasn't so much history with Joey Harrington I would agree with most of my blogging brethren and give him one more year under a coach that plays to him and not vice versa, but could he survive it? Would the fans, the media, even the team stick together if he gets that chance? Or would it be mutiny? If Harrington and Garcia are both gone (bare minimum Garcia better be!) then that is two QB's that need to be replaced, that is no small task, that is why I think Joey will be back. A combination of he should "kind of sort of" get a fair shake with the right coach and "shit, we have no choice!" But look, they better go out and get a damn good viable back up that has something left in that damn tank (please see Jon Kitna of Cincy for reference) that we know can win and we know will not play rubber ball like the only other option we had this year in one Jeff Garcia. Oh, and by the way, I still like Orlovsky a lot, but I think he needs another year or two on the bench.

Next, I want to talk about the Pistons and just say this... Three losses, that is pathetic! How the hell do you expect to contend for the title when you have lost three of your first 25 games? That is embarrassing fellas and you need to get back to that "Goin' To Work" mentality from the last couple seasons. Okay, give me a break, you all can allow me some sarcasm right? Tonight they face the Raptors at home, a nice little "trap game" right between the Spurs (their biggest Western rival who they throttled!) and the Heat (their biggest Eastern rival whom they want to bitch slap!), so please don't get too full of yourselves and lose this one boys. Besides that, what the hell else can you say? I still think the talk of 70 wins is premature, all I care about is winning the Central which, like I said in my preview, will get them the #1 seed in the East and hopefully for the Finals as well. They need ALL game 7's on their court, they sense it, they know it and it looks like they are doing all they can to make it happen.

Later and welcome back from the break y'all! The sports dude.

Blogger Ian C. said...

Sorry to hear about your "Christmas cheer," Sports Dude. I can only hope you traced this back to its source, and will take your revenge accordingly. (Or make sure that person or that dish is never invited again.)

Besides the obvious reason of ending our football pain, another reason I'm looking forward to the end of the Lions' season is so we can give one of the best teams in sports the full attention it deserves. The Pistons will likely rule this town - ideally until June.

Maybe another NBA championship will get ABC to start paying more attention to its game (versus the defending NBA champion Spurs, mind you), rather than a way-played-out soap opera between two mediocre (for now) teams, one of which might not even make the playoffs.  


Blogger the sports dude said...

I have yet to break out the "CSI - Sports Dude" team just yet, I am waiting until I am at 100%. Still running about 75%, which sucks, because I am back at work today as opposed to loafing around the living room at home. However, when the investigation is complete I plan on making sure the villian gets a nasty dose of his/her own medicine and then will require them to never be within 500 feet of any party I am at again.

See, unlike others, I have had my attention focused on the Pistons since opening night. The only other team that takes away from the Pistons, to me, is my beloved Wolverines. Other than that all the others have always been second fiddle.

I agree with you on the coverage of the game and the whole "opener" for the drama queen match up (Shaq and Kobe), the Pistons really get no love. Here there are, leading from opening tip and basically dominating every single aspect of the game, but what does ABC do prior to cutting to commercials? Continuously show clips of the Spurs making plays, Duncan doing this, Parker driving there, Eva in the stands, etc. I tell you what, it used to make me angry but now I simply shrug it off and say "Go ahead guys, keep feeding the beast!" The Pistons love being ignored, the fans feed off the disrespect card and the whole thing will come to fruition in June, where as 'Sheed said it best we will see all those "bandwagon ass-cats" suddenly loving us then.  


Blogger Leelanau Sports Guy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I watched a bit of the Pistons on Christmas and they don't get much love. However I did love when Snapper was gushing about the Spurs bench and Walton got all riled up talking about how he loves the Pistons bench. Great stuff.

I think the PIstons prefer the attention this way too. They will go ahead and win 60 or so games, clinch home court and dominate on their way to 2 championships in 3 years, then people won't be able to ignore them or not give them credit.  


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